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Scientists, Alaska Native leaders say the Arctic faces a growing crisis from plastic waste

The authors of a new report will join representatives from more than 180 other countries to negotiate a United Nations plastics treaty.
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Air National Guard changes in Alaska could affect national security, civilian rescues

The Alaska Air National Guard flew 159 civilian medical rescue missions last year, often during vicious storms that kept air ambulances grounded.
wildfire smoke

Wildfire smoke contributes to thousands of deaths each year in the U.S.

Two new studies show the unseen toll smoke is taking on people across the country. Climate change is likely to make the problem even bigger.
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Medication is an important tool for people struggling with alcohol addiction in Alaska

There are more options than ever for treating alcohol use disorder in Alaska, including several medications that can make it easier for some people to reduce or stop drinking.
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Former Southwest Alaska VPSO, pastor arrested in Texas on child sexual assault charges

Monte LaVelle Chitty, 62, was arrested April 5 in the Florida case. Former members of his Cold Bay church say the charges fit a familiar pattern.
a mother and son

Suicides make up majority of gun deaths, but remain overlooked in gun violence debate

Suicide is the leading cause of gun-related deaths in the United States. But it's often only an afterthought in the public debate about gun violence.
a basketball hoop

Alaska House committee advances, expands proposal to bar trans girls from girls sports

An amended bill would add elementary, middle school and collegiate sports to limits in place for high school.
A doctor with a brown sweater stands in front of an emergency room

Public health officials revamp efforts to protect Alaskans against lead poisoning

Fewer children get tested for lead in Alaska, so officials are launching new programs to encourage testing and provide follow-up care.
a housing complex

Sitka’s housing crunch hits tribal citizens hardest, study says

The survey also found that tribal citizens are leaving Sitka at a higher rate than other residents.
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Lawmakers weigh whether to reduce or acknowledge rights of growing Alaska homeless population

As the state’s major cities scramble to house people, advocates say Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s protest bill would further criminalize the homeless.
a gun show

Here’s the new plan to boost background checks for guns bought at shows or online

The Justice Department's new rule requires background checks for all gun sales, not just ones sold at gun stores.
A woman nurses a three-month-old baby and holds his hand.

A collective of doulas and midwives is helping Alaska Native mothers stay connected to their roots

The Indigenous birthworkers will attend medical appointments with mothers, advocate for them and help connect them to traditional practices.

Alaska Native remains repatriated from Oregon asylum but many Lost Alaskans still buried

Patients who died at places like Morningside Hospital in Portland, were often buried there and never returned home.
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New Dillingham group calls for unified approach to overdose prevention

A group of Dillingham residents is advocating for a united effort within the entire community to protect people and help them recover.

Bill would require Alaska beverage sellers to post warning signs about alcohol-related cancer risks

Bill sponsor Rep. Andrew Gray, D-Anchorage, says too few people know about the link between alcohol consumption and cancer.
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Black market cannabis thrives in California despite legalization

Marijuana legalization was expected to bring the industry out of the shadows. But in some states, the black market is alive and well.
pig fat sitting in jars

This farm is the only Grade “A” goat dairy in Alaska

“I kind of joked that I started a Grade “A” dairy with a “C” team,” said Kelli Foreman who runs Kodiak's Heritage Farm and Ranch.
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After years of trying, the U.S. government may finally mandate safer table saws

After years of false starts, the Consumer Product Safety Commission looks poised to mandate a blade safety brake on all new table saws sold in the U.S.
a hospital

2 Alaska health care providers sue feds over millions in unpaid costs

The Yukon-Kuskokwim Health Corp. and Southeast Alaska Regional Health Consortium are seeking about $34 million in contract support costs.

A person in Texas caught bird flu after exposure to cows that were thought to be ill

Livestock in Texas, Kansas and Michigan are confirmed to have the virus, and herds in New Mexico and Idaho have also tested positive.
A person leaves the sliding glass doors ofa pink building witha white sign above that says "Anchorage Health Department

Anchorage Health Department to offer low-cost baby check-ups

Families can bring babies up to 2 years old to the clinic for routine and preventative care.
a hospital

Juneau’s hospital gets $4M from feds to improve emergency department

The project will expand and renovate the south side of Bartlett Regional Hospital's emergency department with ventilation and electrical upgrades.
a grave

Volunteers uncover fate of Lost Alaskans sent to Oregon mental hospital a century ago

A 15-year volunteer effort is helping identify the fates of thousands of Alaskans who were shipped to a psychiatric hospital in Oregon.
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Bills targeting trans people are on the rise nationwide and in Alaska — most focus on children

A state House committee has advanced legislation that would restrict the rights of Alaska trans kids.

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