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A midwife holds a pregnant mother's hand.

Alaska midwives speak out against an executive order that would dissolve their board

The executive order dissolving the midwife board is one of 12 that the governor submitted in January to the Legislature. 
A microscopic black and white image of a syphilis bacteria, which appears as a cork screw shape coming out of a flat surface.

Addressing Alaska’s high rates of syphilis | Line One

On this Line One, host Dr. Justin Clark and his guests discuss the extent of Alaska's syphilis outbreak, and how to detect, prevent, and treat it.
A red squirrel sits on a stump

Kenai Peninsula man is the first person to die of Alaskapox virus

Experts say to be cautious when handling small mammals in the state, but infection is rare and death unlikely.
an EBT sign

Alaska must face food stamp litigation after a year of stays, court says

U.S. District Judge Sharon Gleason's court order said further delays would be “inefficient” after the state had a year to resolve its backlog.

More women in Alaska will be covered by Medicaid during pregnancy and for the year after giving birth

The expansion will cover mothers during their first year, when they’re vulnerable to physical and mental illness.
food pallets

Alaska’s federal food stamp funding at risk, USDA letter warns 

The state may lose funding if it continues to break federal rules, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Homelessness and other stressors linked to Alaska’s continued surge in syphilis at birth

Ten 2023 congenital syphilis cases were reported in infants “born to women who experienced complex and substantial barriers to prenatal care.”

Psychedelic medicine task force would lay groundwork for therapeutic use in Alaska

The task force would look at the role psychedelics could play in addressing Alaska’s mental health crisis.
vaping items

Alaska tobacco-control efforts get mixed reviews from American Lung Association

The state's lack of an e-cigarette tax is a problem according to the ALA, which is pushing for passage of a bill aimed at reducing youth vaping.
a torn-down house

As Nunapitchuk aims to relocate, it has support from powerful allies

Last fall, Nunapitchuk was selected as a testing ground for a new approach to climate-driven village relocation.
a man

Anchorage homeless shelters under strain amid statewide cold snap

Staff at Anchorage's Brother Francis Shelter have seen cases of hypothermia and frostbite, during a subzero chill expected to continue next week.

Alaska organization trains salon and beauty professionals to recognize domestic abuse signs

The training will focus on identifying signs of emotional and physical abuse, how to talk with people about abuse safely, and how to direct people to resources.

Anchorage middle school reports suspected mumps case

Romig Middle School staff canceled after-school activities Thursday when they learned of the case. The school is being disinfected, pending test results.

New programs aim to help more mentally ill Alaskans become competent to stand trial

Alaska's only state-run psychiatric hospital plans to launch two new programs for people without the mental capacity to stand trial. The one-year pilot would triple the state’s capacity.
a child

Kids of color get worse health care across the board in the U.S., research finds

Researchers reviewing dozens of studies looking at the quality of care children receive across pediatric specialties found widespread inequities.
a poster

Alaska adults of childbearing age advised to get testing for syphilis

The state says all sexually active adults under 45 should get a test at least once this year, after new recommendations issued by federal health officials.

Under a new executive director, Alaska’s LGBTQ+ health clinic is researching what queer Alaskans need

Alaska’s only health clinic centered on the needs of LGBTQ+ people has a new executive director. Identity Alaska in Anchorage serves patients in person and statewide through telehealth.

State investigation reveals social service gaps that left an elder to die alone in the cold

A new report from the state ombudsman says Adult Protective Services failed to prioritize and follow up on the case of an elder in danger.
Lori Townsend sits at a table speaking with another woman and a man on a TV monitor.

Caribou management and health | Alaska Insight

Lori Townsend and her guests discuss what should be done to ensure caribou are healthy and plentiful for future generations.
a house

As the permafrost melts, the houses in Nunapitchuk are breaking down

Settling homes across the Western Alaska village have suffered damage that makes them leak, leading to mold and long-term health issues.
a stethoscope

Despite opposition from health care providers, Dunleavy administration repeals longstanding regulation meant to hold down costs

The state argues the rule has also increased the cost of health care over time by incentivizing providers to keep rates high.
A group of bees in the snow

Alaska beekeepers kill their colonies every fall, but an Anchorage man has another way

An Anchorage beekeeper has learned how to help his honeybee colonies survive to see spring, and he’s teaching others to do the same.
Caribou graze on the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, with snowcapped peaks of the Brooks Range as a backdrop. (USFWS)

Caribou management in Alaska | Talk of Alaska

What should be done to ensure caribou are healthy and plentiful for future generations, and who should have a say in management?
a plane

New Alaska alcohol laws leave some rural customers temporarily high and dry

Alaska's new alcohol laws require cargo carriers to be registered to transport alcohol. Only a few have completed the process as the new year begins.
a grocery aisle

State launches new online application for food assistance as work to address backlog continues

Officials hope a new online application will shorten the time it takes to receive food assistance as the state works through its backlog.

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