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Outdoor Explorer invites listeners to step outside into Alaska. Discover a new trail or fishing hole, learn what to pack, when to go, and most importantly how to stay safe. Learn about life-long fitness and get inspired to go outside in the backcountry from the people who know the land best – outdoor guides, park rangers, coaches, authors, artists, lodge owners, bush pilots, educators and you, the explorer.

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Outdoor Explorer: Onward and Upward helps kids through adventure and learning

There are many organizations dedicated to improving the quality of life of Alaska's youth. Many use the outdoors and nature to help kids overcome the challenges they face. Onward and Upward is a nonprofit based in the Mat-Su Valley and is one such organization. The group offers programs that use the concept of "one health" that incorporates adventure, challenge by choice, experiential learning and place based education while being sensitive to trauma. Randy Dowd, Executive Director and founder, and his staff join host Paul Twardock to discuss the programs they offer and benefits that youth receive from their program and ones like it.

Recreation on the Ballot

On this Outdoor Explorer we get walked through the recreation propositions on the upcoming Municipal election ballot. Beth Nordlund, from Anchorage Park Foundation, explains the Parks and Recreation bond, and Joe Connolly, from the Glen Alps Road Service Area Board of Supervisors, explains how Proposition 6 will improve access to Chugach State Park.

A Denali Himalaya connection

Denali and the Himalaya have attracted mountaineers since the early 1900s. Many climbers, including Alaskans, got their start on Denali's bitterly cold and windy slopes, then moved on to the Himalaya. This show features Steve Mock with the Denali Rescue Volunteers, the Alex Lowe Foundation, and the Khumbu Climbing Center.


On this week’s Outdoor Explorer, we’ll be talking about the disparate sports of rifle marksmanship and cross-country skiing that, when combined, create the sport of biathlon. Our guests will be Sara Studebaker-Hall and Zach Hall. Sara is the Director of Operations at TeamUSA Biathlon, and Zach is the Team Manager and Head Coach at the Soldier Hollow Olympic Legacy Program. They both have deep connections to Alaska; Zach grew up in Nikiski, and Sara was the UAA Ski Team’s assistant coach for several years. On this week’s show, Sara and Zach discuss the joys and tribulations of biathlon, the sport’s history, and how YOU can get involved in this unique and healthy sport!

The Story of Title IX Part 2

On this Outdoor Explorer we have the second part of a continuing series of stories about Title IX, the historic legislation passed 50 years ago that changed the landscape of women’s sports. We're joined by Beth Bragg, the now retired sports editor of the Anchorage Daily News, who had a front row seat to the change brought by Title IX.

The history of Kincaid Park

On this week’s Outdoor Explorer, we’ll talk about the development of the ski trail system at Kincaid Park with Jim Burkholder, who was a young school teacher at Dimond High School in the early 1970’s when he and other visionaries began cutting ski trails around Beercan Lake in Kincaid Park.

Alaska Ski for Women

The Alaska Ski for Women is one of the biggest women’s ski events in the World, and it’s happening in Anchorage on February 5th! This week on Outdoor Explorer, we’ll talk with founder Sally Burkholder, about its beginnings more than two decades ago. And we’ll also talk with Director Molly Mylius about this year’s event.

1970 Denali Climb

What was it like to climb Denali in 1970? This past summer the Denali climb C-4 M-4 gathered in Talkeetna to reminisce on the 50th anniversary of their climb up the Muldrow route, and host Paul Twardock was there to record and share with the Outdoor Explorer audience.

Tender Gravity: Marybeth Holleman

What draws us to the outdoors? Marybeth Holleman is an Alaskan writer who's new book of poetry, titled tender gravity, expresses many reasons. Marybeth is a long time Alaskan whose works include The Heart of the Sound and Among Wolves. Her collection of poems are accessible and cover everything from moss to comets and from her garden to the Brooks Range. In her interview with host Paul Twardock she discusses how loss, exploration, activism and day to day life intertwine with her poetry to create this deep and lovely collection.

The Story of Title IX Part 1

On the next Outdoor Explorer, the first part of a continuing series of stories about Title IX, the historic legislation passed 50 years ago that changed the landscape of women’s sports. We'll learn about the start and evolution of Title IX and you’ll hear from Chloe Ivanoff, who is bringing her love of wrestling to the girls of Alaska.