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a city in the evening

Anchorage gave her a $1.6 million grant despite prior fraud allegations. Now she’s under investigation again.

Rosalina Mavaega was made a city commissioner and given a large grant to support her homeless services charity. Federal investigators are looking into her business dealings.
a rainbow

Turning weather data into music could help Southeast Alaska students hear their changing environment

Chet Udell's WeatherChimes, which collects weather data and turns it into music, will be used in projects across Southeast Alaska.
a plane

Passenger plane escapes damage from bird strike at Skagway airport

A passenger plane collided with birds at the Skagway airport on Friday. The plane landed safely and nobody aboard was hurt.

Alaska Airlines asks federal judge to dismiss mask lawsuit brought by former senator

Alaska Airlines banned Lora Reinbold in 2021, after arguments with employees and passenger complaints about her removing her mask in flight.
A helicopter in the sky

Victims of Sitka charter wreck identified as a local boat captain and visitors from California and Hawaii

The passengers aboard the fishing charter boat were two sisters and their partners visiting Alaska from out of state.

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a man holds a bison

Tourist pleads guilty for handling a Yellowstone bison calf, leading to its death

The Hawaii resident was charged with one count of intentionally disturbing wildlife after he tried to help a baby bison return to its herd. Park rangers later had to euthanize the abandoned animal.
student loan borrowers

Is the debt deal changing student loan repayment? Here’s what you need to know

The U.S. House will vote Wednesday on a deal to raise the nation's debt ceiling — but it doesn't touch on student loan forgiveness.
a person shopping

3 ways to protect your money if the U.S. defaults on its debt

From social security payments to interest rates, a lot hinges on a debt-ceiling deal. Personal finance experts say you should prepare for a possible debt default as you would a recession.


Two women and a military servicemember sit around a news desk.

Supporting Alaska’s veterans | Alaska Insight

Helping veterans and active duty military members cope with service-related trauma to lead healthy, happy lives, takes normalizing the need for mental health care and connecting with people who know the struggle.

Alaska’s child care crisis | Alaska Insight

On this Alaska Insight, host Lori Townsend is joined by Sen. Löki Tobin and Stephanie Berglund, CEO of Thread Alaska, to discuss the scope and possible solutions to the child care crisis.

What’s next for Anchorage after its emergency homeless shelter closes? | Alaska Insight

On this episode of Alaska Insight, host Lori Townsend is joined by midtown assembly member Felix Rivera and Alexis Johnson, the housing and homelessness coordinator for the Bronson administration, to discuss the reasoning for shrinking the Sullivan, and the city's plan moving forward.
Above: Alaska has one of the highest per-capita populations of retired military service members of any state in the country. There’s a lot of services out there for retired service members, but as Alaska Public Media’s Madilyn Rose reports, veterans in Alaska are one of their own greatest resources.

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