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a Tlingit mural and totem poles

Tlingit and Haida selected for Alaska’s tribal school program

The Central Council of the Tlingit and Haida Tribes of Alaska is one of five tribal organizations to receive a state-tribal education compacting grant.
A dark-eyed junco

Birds are returning to Lynn Canal

With the spring equinox past and Southeast Alaska snow melting fast, the land is waking up — and bird activity is increasing noticeably.
surplus milk in Haines

Haines milk mix-up benefits local food program

After a shipping error that left Olerud's Market Center with thousands of extra half-pint cartons of milk, thousands went to the Salvation Army.
the Soldotna City Council

Soldotna City Council rejects lewdness ordinance

A heated debate over what is and isn’t allowed in Soldotna’s public spaces is over, for now, following a drag performance in Soldotna Creek Park.
the Alaska State Capitol

Alaska’s occupational licensing division staggers under its workload

Gov. Mike Dunleavy proposes staffing increases and universal temporary licensing to help the agency, as lawmakers propose adding to the burden.

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a graph of U.S. life expectancy

‘Live free and die?’ The sad state of U.S. life expectancy

Americans know poor diets and sedentary lifestyles make their health bad. But a new report could shock even those who feel like they know the story.
an unofficial U.S.-Canada border crossing

U.S. and Canada reach a deal on migrants at unofficial border crossings

The deal is the Biden administration's latest move to discourage migrants from crossing the border illegally in order to seek asylum.
Shou Chew

Lawmakers turn up the heat on TikTok’s CEO in high-stakes hearing

The U.S. has offered no evidence that Chinese authorities have accessed Americans' TikTok data, but experts say it is a real possibility.


Resources for aging Alaskans to stay in their home communities | Alaska Insight

On this episode of Alaska Insight, host Lori Townsend is joined by Teresa Holt, director of AARP Alaska, and Jacquie Braden, a community development program manager at RurAL CAP to discuss the challenges and resources available, for those looking to spend their golden years in their communities and lifelong homes.
Host Lori Townsend sits at a desk, with a monitor across from her showing the face of Dr. Oivind Toien

How understanding hibernation can help improve human medicine | Alaska Insight

On this episode of Alaska Insight, host Lori Townsend is joined by Dr. Kelly Drew and Dr. Oivind Toien, two researchers at the University of Fairbanks Alaska who are looking at the possible medical applications of understanding hibernation.

What is a Seed library? And how are they saving Alaska’s gardens? | INDIE ALASKA Seeing how much Alaska relies on imports for food and gardening, Melina Sevigny asked herself, how could she help it's food security? She started...
Above: Hurdles to resources can lead to isolation and the deterioration of health among older Alaskans. But many elders have found a solution that helps them to build community and maintain their physical and social wellbeing: water aerobics class. Alaska Public Media’s Elyssa Loughlin reports.

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