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Set-netters’ case shot down, again, in court

That opinion from the Alaska Supreme Court, published Friday, is the latest legal blow to the 440 or so east-side permit holders.

Last of 4 defendants sentenced in 2016 murder of Palmer teen

Bradley Renfro, now age 21, was sentenced to 75 years in prison.
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Suspect connected to AMBER alert arrested in Soldotna after fleeing troopers in Fairbanks

Troopers found Steven Narron's vehicle abandoned in an Anchorage park Wednesday night.

Peltola has the lead in Alaska’s U.S. House race. Will she keep it?

Alaska Public Media Washington D.C. correspondent Liz Ruskin provides some post-election analysis on Alaska News Nightly.

Alaska’s new primary election system showed who voters favored, but it only cut one legislative candidate

As Alaska Beacon reporter James Brooks points out, the votes tallied Tuesday mostly amount to a state-sponsored poll with a nice, big sample size.

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Liz Cheney is considering a presidential run to stop Trump after losing her House seat

Liz Cheney's sustained criticism of former President Trump made her one of his top political targets. She's now laying out her plans to make sure he never wins back the White House.
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FBI collected multiple sets of classified documents from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home

The search warrant and property receipt from Monday's FBI search of former President Trump's Florida home have been unsealed by a federal judge. Trump said Thursday he encouraged the release.
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The Arctic is heating up nearly four times faster than the whole planet, study finds

The Arctic is very sensitive to climate change. In the last 40 years, the region has warmed much more rapidly than the Earth as a whole, a new study finds.


A man drives a small boat

The important role of water taxis in Alaska | INDIE ALASKA

When a massive, unexpected landslide blocked the only road to Lowell Point, Tom Miller knew his water taxi service was the only way to move residents, school children, and tourists back and forth to the nearby town of Seward.
A man works on building a Sugpiaq Alutiiq Kayak and includes historical image of kayak

How kayaks (qayaqs) are rejuvenating Alaskan Sugpiaq culture | INDIE ALASKA

Jonathon Sawden normally works in HR, but sees an importance to tell the world that his people, the Sugpiaq (Sookh-pee-ahk) and other Native peoples are still here. Here, Jonathon and another young apprentice artist are working together with a Master Kayak builder to learn the techniques to build traditional boats and be the next generation to keep the craft and culture alive.
A woman performs a break dancing move

Will this Alaskan be the first U.S. Olympic breakdancer in 2024? | INDIE ALASKA

Bri “Snap1” Pritchard is a b-girl from Anchorage who has competed and won breaking competitions across the country. She may be one of the first Olympic breakdancers.
Above: Caring for someone with memory loss can be exhausting both physically and emotionally. The number of people with Alzheimer’s or dementia in Alaska is set to almost double by 2030. Given the growing need, reporters Anne Hillman and Jeff Chen spoke with people who are trying to support elders with memory loss.

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