Lisa Keller

Lisa Keller
A selfie of a woman sea kayaking in the ocean.

Veterans and outdoor therapy | Outdoor Explorer

The Cohen Clinic offers programs that address the wholistic needs of veterans, using the outdoors to heal from trauma.

‘A Fine Line: Searching for Balance Among Mountains’ | Outdoor Explorer

Graham Zimmerman, professional climber and author, talks about his epic climbs, facing danger and the lessons he's learned along the way.
Outdoor Explorer

How a love of design helps this graphic artist promote outdoor accessibility | Outdoor Explorer

Along with placing winter single track trails, Aurora Hablett uses geographic data to create maps in shapes with GPS visualization.
A log cabin with a green metal roof with two birch trees in a snowy clearing.

Public use cabins and huts in Alaska | Outdoor Explorer

There is a rich history of public cabins in Alaska. Hear how two organizations are working to make more huts and cabins available to the public.

Outdoor Explorer: The Chugach Park Fund

On this episode of Outdoor Explorer we're joined by Haley Johnston, the co-chair of the Chugach Park Fund’s Citizens Advisory Board. The Chugach Park Fund was established in 2016 under the umbrella of The Alaska Community Foundation and since that time has been a critical part of improving trails, signs and facilities in Chugach State Park. Haley fills us in on past, present and future projects.

Outdoor Explorer: Hear what the Nordic Skiing Association of Anchorage has planned for the upcoming season

Our guest on this episode of Outdoor Explorer is Kikkan Randall, executive director of the Nordic Skiing Association of Anchorage. The conversation is wide-ranging, from the programs and events NSAA has planned for the upcoming ski season to impacts of climate change and NSAA's upcming 60th anniversary.

Outdoor Explorer: Petra the Adventure Cat

On the next Outdoor Explorer our guest is Nicole Chamberlain and the Meowtaineer, Petra the Adventure Cat. Petra is a Siberian Forest Cat, well-adapted to the cold, and Nicole has taken her on many adventures on the snow and the water. They recently spent time at the Sheldon House in Denali and Petra became the first cat to ski on the Ruth Glacier.

Outdoor Explorer: “Running While Black: Finding Freedom in a Sport That Wasn’t Built for Us”

On this Outdoor Explorer we're joined by author Alison Mariella Dèsir. Her book unveils the running movement as being centered around and represented by White people, not only ignoring the foundational work and performances of Black distance runners but also not acknowledging that running while Black can be dangerous.

The Wanderer: An Alaska Wolf’s Final Journey

On this Outdoor Explorer, host Lisa Keller is joined by Tom Walker, author of the book "The Wanderer." In less than 6 months, Wolf 258 traversed almost 3000 miles in Alaska and Canada. His amazing journey, documented through his GPS tracking collar, is the subject of a story that mixes what we know about his movement with speculation on what he was doing during his travels.

Chugach Front Linkup 2023: New Peak, New Record

In March, Ben Americus accomplished many firsts on the Chugach Front Linkup: the first late winter completion, the first to ski off the peaks and the first to complete the Linkup since Ptarmigan Peak was added as the 13th summit over 5000 feet. This week on Outdoor Explorer Ben joins host Lisa Keller to talk about how he added his name to Chugach Front Linkup history.

Alaska Sports Hall of Fame

On this Outdoor Explorer our guest is Harlow Robinson, the executive director of Healthy Futures and the Alaska Sports Hall of Fame. On April 27, the Hall will induct the class of 2023. Harlow will tell us about the people, moment and event that comprise this year’s class, as well as the annual Director’s Awards and the popular 100 Miles in May.

Eating Disorders and Exercise Addiction

On this Outdoor Explorer, our guest is two-time Olympian and Licensed Professional Counselor, Holly Brooks. She recently released a documentary called “Winning at All Costs: Breaking the Silence on Athletes and Eating Disorders.” Her message to athletes of all ages and abilities is “You are more than your results, performance reviews and appearance.”
a trail being upgraded

Building Trails and Parks: The Importance of Landscape Architecture

April is World Landscape Architecture Month. While many of us might see a proposal for a new park or trail and then the construction work on the park or trail, what we don’t see is the immense amount of work that happens when an idea is first conceived. Landscape architects are the people who take an idea for a new park or trail and then make it a reality. On this show, guests include a landscape architect, a promoter of inclusive playgrounds, a trail advocate, and a parks and recreation director. They all work together to develop some of the most important resources in our communities, places we can gather, recreate safely, and connect with nature.

Recreation on the Ballot

On this Outdoor Explorer we get walked through the recreation propositions on the upcoming Municipal election ballot. Beth Nordlund, from Anchorage Park Foundation, explains the Parks and Recreation bond, and Joe Connolly, from the Glen Alps Road Service Area Board of Supervisors, explains how Proposition 6 will improve access to Chugach State Park.
Beth Bragg

The Story of Title IX Part 2

On this Outdoor Explorer we have the second part of a continuing series of stories about Title IX, the historic legislation passed 50 years ago that changed the landscape of women’s sports. We're joined by Beth Bragg, the now retired sports editor of the Anchorage Daily News, who had a front row seat to the change brought by Title IX.

Alaska Ski for Women

The Alaska Ski for Women is one of the biggest women’s ski events in the World, and it’s happening in Anchorage on February 5th! This week on Outdoor Explorer, we’ll talk with founder Sally Burkholder, about its beginnings more than two decades ago. And we’ll also talk with Director Molly Mylius about this year’s event.

The Story of Title IX Part 1

On the next Outdoor Explorer, the first part of a continuing series of stories about Title IX, the historic legislation passed 50 years ago that changed the landscape of women’s sports. We'll learn about the start and evolution of Title IX and you’ll hear from Chloe Ivanoff, who is bringing her love of wrestling to the girls of Alaska.

Outdoor Recreation Access in Anchorage Vol 2

On the next Outdoor Explorer, the second part of a two-part series on the Stewart Trail, a contested public access point to Chugach State Park. Our guests are Chris Reynolds, the treasurer of Friends of the Stewart Public Trail, and Kelly Becker, a long-time trail adjacent homeowner.
Fortified gate

Outdoor Recreation Access in Anchorage Vol 1

On this next Outdoor Explorer, our guests are Jeff Landfield and Paxson Woelber from The Alaska Landmine. The two journalists have reported extensively on disputed access to public lands in Anchorage. Our conversation focused on the history and battle for access to Chugach State Park from the Stewart Trail.

Tidelines Institute of Alaska

On this Outdoor Explorer, our guests are Laura Marcus and Zach Brown, the founders of the Tidelines Institute. On two campuses along Icy Strait in Southeast, Tidelines Institute offers a variety of immersive courses centered around environmental leadership and science education.