Lina Khan

U.S. bans noncompete agreements for nearly all jobs

The FTC has voted to ban agreements that typically prevent workers from leaving their companies to join or start competing businesses.
President Biden

President Biden signs law to ban TikTok nationwide unless it is sold

The measure was included in a foreign aid package providing support to Ukraine and Israel. TikTok has vowed to challenge the law in federal court.
a museum

‘Not in the business of just giving away our entire collections:’ Denver museum denies Lingít repatriations

Denver Post reporter Sam Tabachnik says the Denver Art Museum has a history of denying repatriation requests for tribal cultural items.
an air traffic control tower

With close calls mounting, the FAA will require more rest for air traffic controllers

Federal regulators are increasing the amount of required rest between shifts for air traffic controllers, amid rising concerns about aviation safety.

Israel launches missile strikes into Iran, U.S. military official says

Iranian news has not reported any such strike. Israel's military has not responded to NPR's requests for comment.
wildfire smoke

Wildfire smoke contributes to thousands of deaths each year in the U.S.

Two new studies show the unseen toll smoke is taking on people across the country. Climate change is likely to make the problem even bigger.
a mother and son

Suicides make up majority of gun deaths, but remain overlooked in gun violence debate

Suicide is the leading cause of gun-related deaths in the United States. But it's often only an afterthought in the public debate about gun violence.
a gun show

Here’s the new plan to boost background checks for guns bought at shows or online

The Justice Department's new rule requires background checks for all gun sales, not just ones sold at gun stores.
Two men in suits break an ice sculpture with an ice pick

Homeland Security funds new Arctic security research center at UAA

The Arctic Domain Awareness Center will receive $46 million to study Arctic geopolitics, commerce, food security and climate change. 
a woman

Many 911 call centers are understaffed, and the job has gotten harder

The question of whether to send police or mental health clinicians usually rests with 911 workers, who are often overworked and overstressed.
two people look up at hte sky

A rare solar eclipse darkened skies and dazzled viewers across the U.S.

Crowds and clouds didn't stop people from gathering across the path of totality. Viewers craned their necks and clapped as skies briefly darkened, a sight the U.S. won't see again until 2044.
a solar eclipse

A total solar eclipse is crossing North America

The eclipse is briefly plunging communities in Mexico, the U.S. and Canada along the track into darkness.
a man

Black market cannabis thrives in California despite legalization

Marijuana legalization was expected to bring the industry out of the shadows. But in some states, the black market is alive and well.
a damaged building

Taiwan emerges remarkably unscathed after massive earthquake

The day after the Asian island's worst quake in a quarter century, most residents cannot stop talking about how much worse it could have been.
a rescue

Taiwan is hit by its strongest earthquake in nearly 25 years

At least nine people died in the 7.4 magnitude quake, which collapsed buildings and created a tsunami that washed ashore in southern Japan.
a man

After years of trying, the U.S. government may finally mandate safer table saws

After years of false starts, the Consumer Product Safety Commission looks poised to mandate a blade safety brake on all new table saws sold in the U.S.

A person in Texas caught bird flu after exposure to cows that were thought to be ill

Livestock in Texas, Kansas and Michigan are confirmed to have the virus, and herds in New Mexico and Idaho have also tested positive.
a protestor

A conservative Oregon county attempts criminal prosecution of a federal employee

A U.S. Forest Service burn boss was due before a Grant County court Monday on charges after a 2022 controlled burn that spread onto private land.
Easter bunnies

Pricier Easter bunnies and eggs. Half-dipped Kit Kats. What’s up with chocolate?

As cocoa prices surge faster than bitcoin and exceed those of precious metals, some candy makers have raised prices while others use less chocolate.
an illustration

Chevron owns a city’s news site. Many stories aren’t told.

Chevron operates a major refinery in Richmond, Calif. It also owns the city's dominant news site, putting its own spin on events.
a ship

What we know and don’t know about Baltimore’s Key Bridge collapse

Rescue efforts have turned to recovery after the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge, as the region braces for a long and costly reconstruction.
a ship

The Francis Scott Key bridge in Baltimore collapses after a ship crashed into it

A part of a Baltimore bridge collapsed early Tuesday morning after a container ship crashed into it, sending people into the water.
a ship

New Coast Guard alert system aims to reduce the number of whales hit by vessels

The Coast Guard is stepping up to help improve one of the most used whale report apps, WRAS, which also forms the basis for Canada's alert system.
a man

Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun to step down, part of a shakeup after 737 Max problems

After several difficult months, Boeing announced its embattled chief executive will step down at the end of this year.
a building

Deaths and injuries are reported after an attack on a concert hall outside Moscow

Reports from Moscow say two to five gunmen attacked a concert hall outside the capital. A fire broke out after the attack.

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