Key findings released in Kenya universal basic income experiment

Money given to villagers in Kenya has stronger benefits delivered as a lump sum, similar to Alaska PFDs, than it does as monthly payments.
two man

Ex-Alaska Airlines pilot arrested in Horizon Air scare indicted on lesser charges

Joseph Emerson faces 84 counts of endangering the Horizon Air jet and those aboard, after jurors didn't indict him on attempted-murder charges.
Tommy Tuberville

Sen. Tuberville drops his monthslong hold on hundreds of military promotions

Sen. Tommy Tuberville, R-Ala., still has holds on four-star generals' promotions over a Pentagon policy covering travel for abortion care.

New York Republican George Santos expelled from Congress

The embattled congressman is accused by prosecutors of a number of financial misdeeds, including stealing money from his campaign donors.
a COVID test

Free COVID tests headed to nation’s schools

The initiative will make available millions of tests for school districts as they enter the winter months when COVID activity is expected to peak.

In the battle over books, who gets to decide what’s age-appropriate at libraries?

There are efforts to change how decisions are made about which books libraries should stock and which section they belong in.
money and a gift bow

Giving Tuesday: How to donate to a charity with purpose and intention

If you're wondering which organizations to support or how much money to donate, Kevin Scally of Charity Navigator has some advice.
a border crossing

Vehicle explosion at Rainbow Bridge closes U.S.-Canada border crossings

Two occupants in the vehicle that exploded are both dead, according to The Associated Press and other media reports citing law enforcement sources.

Black Friday deals start early and seem endless. Are there actually any good deals?

Retailers have begun rolling out deals days or even weeks ahead of one of the biggest shopping day of the year, enticing customers with early offers.

A strained U.S. aviation system braces for a record-setting week of holiday travel

The annual rush of holiday travelers will test an aviation system straining to keep up with demand. But federal regulators say the system is ready.
President Biden

Biden signs temporary spending bill that heads off a government shutdown

President Biden's Thursday approval came a day after the Senate approved the stop-gap spending bill, designed by new House Speaker Mike Johnson.
a couple

Senators to VA: Stop needless foreclosures on thousands of veterans

The senators say veterans who took a COVID forbearance are now at risk of losing their homes through no fault of their own.
Mike Johnson

Congress on track to avoid a shutdown as House passes two-tier spending bill

Democrats had criticized House Speaker Mike Johnson's two-step construction for creating two additional funding deadlines.
a gas pump

As gasoline prices fall, U.S. inflation cools to 3.2%

Gasoline prices tumbled 5% during October, which helped to keep overall inflation — down from 3.7% in September — in check.

Biden meets Xi Jinping this week as more Americans see China as a critical threat

Concern about the rise of China has been an early feature in the 2024 U.S. presidential race. Some 58% of Americans say it's a critical threat.
a former town

Hawaii governor announces $150M recovery fund for Maui fire victims

Under the program, those who lost family members or were injured could receive more than $1 million — but they'd waive the right to sue.
the Supreme Court

Supreme Court to decide if gun bans for domestic abusers are constitutional

If the federal law being challenged before the high court falls, so would similar laws in most states, and other important gun laws.
a whale

How Alaska wildlife officials saved a humpback whale found ‘hogtied’ to a 300-pound crab pot

Two Southeast Alaska residents first spotted the whale on Oct. 10 off the coast of Gustavus, which is surrounded by Glacier Bay National Park.
a clock

Six things to know about the political debate around daylight saving time

In recent years, lawmakers have talked as if the timeworn twice-annual tradition might be on its last legs.
an airliner

3 passengers sue Alaska Airlines over Horizon Air flight scare

According to the complaint, the plaintiffs have suffered from anxiety, insomnia, fear of flying and other emotional effects due to the incident.
a portrait of a person in a gray shirt with a backwards hat

As some medical debt disappears from Americans’ credit reports, scores are rising

"This is a very significant change," said Breno Braga, an economist at the Urban Institute and a co-author of the study. "It affects a lot of people."

These American birds and dozens more will be renamed, to remove human monikers

The American Ornithological Society has vowed to change the English names of all bird species named after people, or deemed offensive or exclusionary.
a dog in a superman costume

We’re spending $700 million on pet costumes in the costliest Halloween ever

More U.S. shoppers are buying into Halloween this year, scaring up a new spending record for costumes, decorations, candy and cute outfits for pets.
people stand outside of a food bank

Millions of American families struggle to get food on the table, report finds

Seventeen million U.S. households were food insecure in 2022. That's 3.5 million more than the prior year.
two men

Louisiana Republican Mike Johnson elected speaker of the House

Johnson, R-La., was the first of four GOP nominees who could secure enough support from within his party to win a majority of votes on the House floor.

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