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Addressing Alaskans features local lectures, debates and forums recorded at live events taking place in and around Anchorage, Alaska. A variety of local organizations host speakers with topics that matter to the community.

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Not a weekly series. Sundays at 1:00 p.m.

Alaska News Nightly: Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Trawler bycatch of killer whales in the Bering Sea prompts an investigation from federal officials. Plus, the face of federal salmon fishing restrictions on the Yukon River talks about the struggles for subsistence users. And, one Kachemak Bay fisherman's catch of blue rockfish goes viral.

Pilot error and training issues were factors in Alaska crash that killed Czech billionaire, report says

The report from the National Transportation Safety Board says the pilot failed to adequately respond to whiteout conditions.

Anchorage joins long list of cities petitioning U.S. Supreme Court to hear key homelessness case

Mayor Dave Bronson says he wants the high court to nullify Ninth Circuit decisions that made it more difficult to manage homeless people.

State of Art: Anchorage Festival of Music presents silent film epic ‘Scaramouche’ with live baroque ensemble

The 1923 film "Scaramouche" is a story of love and revenge during the French Revolution. Director Rex Ingram' 100-year-old masterpiece is filled with historic details, massive sets and action that holds up today. Anchorage Festival of Music will host a screening of the film and will be scoring the film live with period correct instruments.

Physician assistants say proposed rules could spell disaster for rural Alaska health care

Those speaking out against the regulations include PAs, physician, and health care administrators.

Line One: Treating and detecting breast cancer

Breast cancer is a complex and wide-ranging class of cancer, with many different types, treatments, and detection methods, but as with any cancer, it’s best to catch it as early as possible. October is breast-cancer awareness month, but monitoring for the signs and preventing risk is a year-round job. On this Line One host Dr. Jillian Woodruff and her guest discuss screening for, and treating, breast cancer.

Line One: Parenting through technology addiction

Social media and technology are everywhere in today’s day and age, but more than ever, young people are getting access to these earlier and earlier in life. Excessive social media use in children can have long-lasting impacts on their mental, behavioral, and even physical health. How can parents prevent their children from becoming technology-addicted, and what can be done for those who already are? On this Line One, host Prentiss Pemberton explores these questions and more with a technology addiction specialist.

Ketchikan City Council candidate gets protective order against another candidate

A judge approved Judy Zenge's request for an order against Brian Buchman, after an Aug. 30 altercation outside a Ketchikan mall Zenge manages.

Alaska’s new marine highway runs afoul of environmental group

The Center for Biological Diversity plans to sue a federal agency over a new marine highway in Alaska, saying it violates the Endangered Species Act.

Homer angler reels in blue-fleshed fish

Joe Chmeleck, owner of The Lodge at Otter Cove, says that this isn’t the first time he’s caught one of these vivid rock greenlings.