Mount Redoubt

Royalty-free terms draw only 3 oil and gas lease bids in Alaska’s Cook Inlet

DNR Commissioner John Boyle is "disappointed" by the results but defends royalty reductions to encourage more inlet drilling.
A young woman in a blue puffy jacket and navy beanie poses inside of a glacial ice cave.

8 young Alaskans reignite a court fight over climate change and fossil fuel development

Sagoonick v. State II seeks to block a controversial natural gas project and asks the court to recognize Alaskans’ right to a livable climate.
a pipeline

Oil industry employee dies in workplace incident at Prudhoe Bay

The death is the fourth reported workplace fatality on Alaska’s North Slope in a little over a year.

Deal to buy North Slope gas boosts Alaska Gasline prospects, but hurdles remain

The Alaska Gasline Development Corp. announced Tuesday it’s signed a deal with a London-based oil and gas firm to supply enough gas to meet demand in Southcentral, and then some. But the project still faces a number of hurdles.
an aerial image of a mine

In Northwest Alaska, an economic engine runs low on ore

Red Dog mine has sustained hundreds of jobs and generated billions of dollars for Alaska Natives. It's set to close in 2031 unless its operator gets environmental permits and decides to expand.
a map

Pipeline proposed to power Donlin mine could have impacts from Y-K Delta to Cook Inlet

If it’s built, Donlin would be one of the largest open-pit gold mines in the world, powered by a gas pipeline stretching to Cook Inlet.
a store

State prosecutors sue Ketchikan jeweler over sale of fake gold

The state is seeking to bar Soni, Inc. from selling fraudulent or misrepresented items, after staff allegedly made false claims about them.
a tidal generator

A Juneau inventor wants to bring ocean energy to your outlets

Tidal power could be an alternative to burning fossil fuels like diesel and natural gas, which is driving human-caused climate change.

Alaska’s new ‘green bank’ hopes to improve the financial case for renewable energy

Alaskans looking to invest in solar panels or other renewable energy infrastructure will likely have some new options in the next few years.
an office

8 young Alaskans sue to block proposed trans-Alaska natural gas pipeline

The plaintiffs say the pipeline will contribute to climate change that harms their ability to access fish, wildlife and natural resources.
a sign

Shell abandons North Slope oil leases, raising questions about the industry’s future in Alaska

As the world pivots toward lower-carbon energy sources, experts say some of the state’s hard-to-tap oil prospects are becoming less attractive.

With a Railbelt natural gas crunch looming, the legislative session had a special focus on energy bills

State lawmakers passed several energy bills this session aimed at updating the Railbelt’s electrical grid and speeding up the transition to renewable energy.
Mike Dunleavy

Dunleavy examining energy bills passed by Alaska Legislature

Gov. Mike Dunleavy was optimistic about a bill on carbon storage, but was pondering next steps on royalty relief bills that didn't pass.

Bills aimed at reducing energy costs, boosting Cook Inlet gas and carbon storage advance in Legislature’s final days

The bills were initially proposed by Gov. Mike Dunleavy and now contain several other proposals. They're up for final votes soon.

Key senators skeptical royalty relief proposals would boost Cook Inlet gas output

It’s one of several ideas lawmakers are mulling to ease a projected gas shortfall in the basin that’s powered much of the state for decades.
solar panels

A bill to support community solar projects in Alaska appears close to becoming law

Community solar projects are small-scale solar farms that local ratepayers can buy into, in exchange for lower electricity bills.
Japanese energy officials

Could Alaska be the final destination for Japan’s carbon pollution?

A new federal study reflects growing interest in injecting and storing climate-warming carbon pollution in underground reservoirs in Alaska.
oil and gas platforms in the water

Alaska Legislature heads into session’s homestretch with energy-related bills still on the table

That’s as gas producers warn that Cook Inlet natural gas supplies are dwindling, threatening higher prices.
a jackup rig in the water

Some Cook Inlet oil platforms have sat unused for years. This reporter decided to find out why.

There are six offshore platforms in Cook Inlet that haven't pumped oil in years, including one that has sat unused since 1992.
A gray concrete building labeled Eklutna Power Plant along a snowy road

The governor has a big decision to make about the Eklutna River and hydro project. Here’s what to know. 

The governor has an Oct. 2 deadline to review the plan, comments, any alternatives, and try to smooth out any disagreements.
an oil and gas platform in the water

This oil platform stopped pumping 30 years ago. Alaska still won’t make the owner tear it down.

Owners can put off the costly process of tearing down the platforms using a strategy one critic calls “delay, deny and diddle around.” And in Alaska, the state has let them do it — for decades.

Alaska lawmakers juggle late-session bills addressing Southcentral natural gas crunch

Bills to make storing gas easier, reduce royalties and spur new gas production, as well as energy transmission and renewable energy, are moving forward.
solar panels

Soldotna solar installation set to go online this summer

The 600-panel array will be able to fully power the Whistle Hill business complex east of Soldotna when weather permits.
a statue

Alaska’s carbon storage bill, once a revenue measure, is now seen as boon for oil and coal

The Alaska House of Representatives is set to vote for House Bill 50 on Wednesday, sending it to the Senate.
Mary Peltola

Peltola says her priority is Alaskans’ economic prosperity

During a recent visit to Ketchikan, Rep. Mary Peltola discussed her approach to housing, mental health resources and addressing climate change.

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