a troller in the water

Alaska Senate proposes $7.5M aid package for struggling fish processors

The program would add to more than $100 million in salmon and Alaska pollock purchases — more than 1,500 truck loads — announced earlier this year by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
brown bears

Conservation groups add land to the Kootznoowoo Wilderness

The vast Tongass National Forest just grew a little bit larger. The five-acre Wheeler Property is an important habitat for salmon and brown bears.
a walrus

Scientists, Alaska Native leaders say the Arctic faces a growing crisis from plastic waste

The authors of a new report will join representatives from more than 180 other countries to negotiate a United Nations plastics treaty.
Kachemak Bay

Alaska appeals judge’s decision upholding Kachemak Bay jet ski ban

The State of Alaska is appealing a November decision by Judge Adolf Zeman that reinstated a ban on jet skis in Kachemak Bay.
Four caribou swim across a calm river with yellow grasses, trees and mountains in the background.

With a decision on Ambler looming, the Kobuk River makes a list of endangered rivers

Advocates say the Ambler Road and mining projects risk contaminating the Kobuk River watershed and hurting the region’s subsistence species.

Juneau advocates seek Saturday ban on large cruise ships next season

Karla Hart says Juneau residents deserve one day a week when they can visit local businesses and attractions free of summer tourists.
earthquake damage

In seismically active Alaska, plans for statewide residential building codes are on shaky ground

Pending state bills are supported by earthquake experts and homebuilding organizations, but they have also generated skepticism.
a whale

Biologists describe freeing Unalaska whale from ‘life-threatening entanglement’

After a young humpback whale was found entangled in Iliuliuk Bay, experts carefully cut the line wrapped around its mouth and tail Friday.

Lawmaker proposes Alaska Constitution amendment to resolve subsistence disputes with feds

Alaska Native leaders have blasted the proposal from Rep. Thomas Baker, R-Kotzebue, with one calling it “another attempt at a power grab by the state.”
a fogbow

Russian objection to U.S. territorial claims off Alaska complicates maritime relationship

The response shows how failure to ratify the Convention on the Law of the Sea puts the U.S. at a disadvantage, says Sen. Lisa Murkowski.
a whale

A humpback whale is free after days-long entanglement in Unalaska’s Iliuliuk Bay

A team of state and federal officials were able to free the whale Friday morning.
a council

Western Alaska tribes, outraged by bycatch, turn up the heat on fishery managers and trawlers

The debate is increasingly urgent, as subsistence harvesting bans continue and proposed fixes threaten to impose steep costs on industry.
a landslide

New work season opens for Denali Park Road bridge

The $100 million Pretty Rocks Bridge will cross the site of a landslide that has closed the road at Mile 45 since 2021.
a bay

NOAA responds to entangled whale in Unalaska’s Iliuliuk Bay

Authorities are gathering images and information to coordinate helping an entangled humpback in Unalaska’s Iliuliuk Bay.
a sea otter

Seldovia the sea otter settles in at Chicago aquarium

Children in Seldovia voted to name the rescued pup, now at the Shedd Aquarium with five California otters, after the village it was found near.

Alaska fishermen and processing plants are in limbo as a state-backed seafood company teeters

"We are all sort of on pins and needles," said a local official in King Cove waiting to learn the fate of Peter Pan Seafoods’ shuttered plant.
A persons arm is seen holding a salmon

Judge rules for the feds in a lawsuit against the state of Alaska over subsistence fishing rights

The state can’t allow salmon fishing on a long stretch of the Kuskokwim River if their orders conflict with federal management decisions, the judge ruled.
a sign

Landslide-triggered tsunamis can strike without warning. Alaska researchers are trying to change that.

Human-caused climate change may lead to more wave-generating slides. A new method could help detect them in time.
a mine

Kensington Gold Mine near Juneau reports 105,000-gallon tailings spill

Staff at the mine, about 45 miles north of Juneau, said the spill happened in late January after an underground pipeline leaked.

Project seeks to gather Alaska environmental knowledge embedded in Indigenous languages

Experts want to compile a glossary of Alaska Native words and phrases holding information that can help track climate change and other conditions.
a ship

New Coast Guard alert system aims to reduce the number of whales hit by vessels

The Coast Guard is stepping up to help improve one of the most used whale report apps, WRAS, which also forms the basis for Canada's alert system.

Environmental DNA offers scientists a look at salmon’s past and future

Scales and other genetic material can be collected from seawater up to two days after fish leave an area, according to a new paper.
A man carries a sled full of shovels in winter.

Anchorage is about a foot shy of breaking winter snowfall record

NWS climatologist Brian Brettschneider says the prospect of Anchorage having more than 134.5 inches of total snowfall this winter is “not looking good.”
A man on a ladder installs a piece of equipment on the upper part of a wall.

Alaska creates climate plan to reduce statewide emissions and fund a wide range of sustainable energy projects

The state identified almost a billion dollars in need for projects that would help lower energy costs for an EPA grant program. 
seaweed farming

Alaska aquaculture is growing quickly, but faces roadblocks

A new study's author says the growing industry has encountered a few “fundamental bottlenecks,” many of them involving Alaska logistics.

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