A man in winter clothes stands over a sled filled with scientific instrumentation.

A sea ice monitoring project is a climate adaptation tool for Utqiaġvik whalers

The project partners Western science and Indigenous knowledge to help the community prepare amid declining sea ice.  

Cold air blob makes ‘full tour’ of Alaska, prolonging winter weather

Climatologist Rick Thoman says the blobs of cold air, which have brought late snow to much of the state, are pretty normal for this time of year.
a cabin

U.S. Forest Service considers higher fees for new Alaska cabins

Higher fees are planned for new cabins in the Tongass and Chugach National Forests in the coming years, to help with increased maintenance costs.
Jesse Kiehl

Bill to ban toxic ‘forever chemicals’ in firefighting foams passes Alaska House and Senate

The bill prohibits the use of man-made chemicals known as PFAS, which have polluted drinking water across Alaska and the rest of the country.

New study says social media drives visitation in national parks, especially in Alaska

More and more, national parks are using social media to boost visitor numbers and amplify their conservation efforts.
Two juxtaposed photos, one of a beluga, and one of a polar bear.

50 years of the Endangered Species Act | Talk of Alaska

The Endangered Species Act is 50 years old and through the decades the Act has helped numerous species recover and thrive.
a mountain goat

Avalanches are a leading cause of death for Southeast Alaska’s mountain goats

New research from the University of Alaska Southeast shows the scale of mountain goat mortality from avalanches for the first time.
a truck drives through floodwaters

Dunleavy declares disaster amid historic breakup flooding on the Kuskokwim River

The declaration comes as icy water continues to flood multiple communities on the lower Kuskokwim River.

As lower Kuskokwim River breaks up, Bethel sees highest river gauge level in almost 20 years

Amid the highest water levels seen since 2005, the city urges residents to be prepared for things to get worse.
a sign outside a building says NANA

Alaska Native corporation ending involvement in controversial Ambler road project

NANA Regional Corp. says it supports mining development in the region, but it objects to the way the road project is being managed by the state entity sponsoring it.
Stikine River

New report questions business model of British Columbia gold mines

The report says mines are allowing day traders and Canadian taxpayers to assume most of the financial risk, while a much smaller group of shareholders reaps the rewards.

Anchorage sets new record for getting an inch of snow this late in the season

Yes, the city's official measuring station has recorded later snowfalls — but none that come in at an inch or more.
an ice jam

10-mile Lower Kuskokwim ice jam causes flooding, high water

RiverWatch officials say the jam has led to flooding and high water in Tuluksak and Akiak, and could impact downstream communities as well.
a smoky fire

Preparing for and preventing wildfires in 2024 | Talk of Alaska

What are the best ways to protect your property and community from fire? We discuss the 2024 wildfire season on this Talk of Alaska.
a whale

Close encounters with curious Juneau killer whale a reminder of city’s wild nature

There were at least three reports of close encounters with a teenage female orca in the ocean around Juneau in a single day at the end of April.
A gray concrete building labeled Eklutna Power Plant along a snowy road

The governor has a big decision to make about the Eklutna River and hydro project. Here’s what to know. 

The governor has an Oct. 2 deadline to review the plan, comments, any alternatives, and try to smooth out any disagreements.
an oil and gas platform in the water

This oil platform stopped pumping 30 years ago. Alaska still won’t make the owner tear it down.

Owners can put off the costly process of tearing down the platforms using a strategy one critic calls “delay, deny and diddle around.” And in Alaska, the state has let them do it — for decades.
a utility room

A utility room under Mertarvik’s public school is full of raw sewage

Excrement has been backing up into the building for months, but the tribal council that owns it had no idea how bad things were until recently.
A man in a black hoodie and black rubber gloves cuts through marbled bowhead whale meat with a knife.

For one Utqiaġvik family, spring bowhead whaling marks an important milestone

The Aaluk Crew landed Utqiaġvik's first bowhead whale of the spring season last week. It was also 17-year-old striker Donald "Button" Adams' first catch.
a forest

U.S. Forest Service seeks public input in revising its long-term plan for the Tongass

The federal agency will spend the rest of this year gathering public input and then take the next couple of years to finalize a new plan.
A giant snowy mountain

Preparations underway for 2024 climbing season on Denali

More than 900 climbers have registered to attempt a summit of Denali this season, with 300 more registered for backcountry climbs.
a bucket tree

Soldotna Girl Scouts’ ‘bucket trees’ help keep campfires from becoming wildfires

The trees, which hold water buckets for campers to extinguish their fires, were inspired by the devastating 2014 Funny River Fire.
King Cove

King Cove braces for salmon season with no seafood processor amid historic price slump

Less than 2 months before salmon season, King Cove's seafood processor announced it will cease operations.
a drift net

Feds approve disaster declaration for 2022 Kuskokwim salmon fisheries

Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo's disaster declaration covers the Kuskokwim River failure of chinook, chum and coho fisheries in 2022.

Report portrays mixed picture of Alaska’s huge seafood industry

The report says the industry's economic value rose in 2021 and 2022, but employment is declining and recent price collapses are worrisome.

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