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a voter in a polling booth

Want to run for president in Alaska? You’ll need a few thousand friends.

Supporters of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. have turned in more than 5,900 signatures, hoping to get the independent presidential candidate on this fall’s ballot.
A sign in a grassy field reads "Vote here today."

Justice Department says Alaska is discriminating against voters with disabilities

Muddy parking lots, ramps that don't meet the ground, inoperable voting machines — and that's in the cities, Justice Department says.
a phone

‘An unfair fight’: The U.S. surgeon general declares war on social media

Vivek Murthy called this week for social media platforms to carry warning labels like those put on cigarettes and alcohol, due to their effects on teens.
an icebreaker

Coast Guard icebreaker Healy headed to Alaska for 3 Arctic research missions

This year's cruises by the nation's biggest icebreaker will support long-term ocean research and help train young scientists.
a woman talks into a microphone at a podium on stage

Coalition of labor and Alaska Native leaders throws its weight behind Peltola

Alaska Jobs Coalition announced a $500,000 ad campaign. It's an independent expenditure group and doesn't have to disclose its donors.
former President Donald Trump claps his hands as a crowd around him cheers and holds their cellphones up

Trump announces his pick in Alaska’s U.S. House race: Dahlstrom

The former president chose Alaska's lieutenant governor over fellow Republican Nick Begich. Trump claims Begich has "Democrat tendencies."

Federally funded heat pumps are coming to Prince of Wales Island

Spruce Root partnered with Alaska Power & Telephone to secure the $2.5 million award, which will also support a technician training program.
a building

Supreme Court strikes down Trump-era federal ban on bump stocks

The Supreme Court has struck down the Trump administration's federal ban on bump stocks, declaring that the government exceeded its authority.
Night photo featuring domed capitol.

Murkowski votes with Democrats on IVF bill. Sullivan joins most GOP senators to block it.

Alaska's senators say they support the reproductive technology, but they split on a Democratic "show us who you are" vote.
set netters

Feds declare economic disaster for 2023 east Cook Inlet set net season

The declaration releases federal relief funds for affected fishers and related businesses. It follows one this spring for the 2021 and 2022 seasons.

Supreme Court rejects challenge to FDA’s approval of mifepristone

The court said that the challengers had no right to be in court at all since they could not show they had suffered any actual injury from the FDA rules.

2 men tried to illegally smuggle snowmachines from U.S. to Russia, feds say

Prosecutors say Sergey Nefedov and Mark Shumovich tried to evade U.S. export controls on snowmachines during Russia's invasion of Ukraine.
a man

A petition to put king salmon on the endangered species list is raising alarm across Alaska

People across Alaska are reacting to a petition that would grant Gulf of Alaska king salmon Endangered Species Act protections.
Hunter Biden

Hunter Biden found guilty of felony gun charges

The president's son also faces tax charges in a separate prosecution scheduled to go to trial in September.
a D-Day remembrance

Biden commemorates D-Day invasion’s 80th anniversary, linking it to Ukraine conflict

President Biden said the historic invasion is a reminder of the costs of freedom and democracy — and the value of alliances.
a portrait of a woman

Murkowski votes to advance Democrats’ ‘messaging’ bill on contraception rights

Only two Republicans crossed the aisle. Sen. Dan Sullivan didn't vote on the birth control bill, which is now stalled.
a woman in the u.s. capitol

At Senate hearing, Murkowski reaffirms support for abortion rights

Alaska's senior senator doesn't always vote as abortion advocates would like. Democrats are raising the issue as an election strategy.

Biden’s new executive order denies asylum claims to most migrants crossing the border unlawfully

President Biden's new measure will go into effect if more than 2,500 migrants cross illegally per day.
a map

Commercial fishing groups bring new legal action over Cook Inlet’s federal waters

The United Cook Inlet Drift Association and the Cook Inlet Fishermen’s Fund's suit against the federal government is part of a decade-long legal offensive.
images of three people

Pro-Dahlstrom PAC announces $5M ad buy in Alaska’s U.S. House race

A PAC linked to House Speaker Johnson is planning to run ads in Alaska's three largest cities. A dozen candidates are in the race.
a flag

Park Service says Denali National Park employee relayed flag complaint without authorization

According to the National Park Service, a visitor initially complained about the noise from the flag flapping in the breeze.
portraits of three men

Alaska Gov. Dunleavy, Sen. Sullivan say Trump conviction was politically motivated

A New York jury handed down the historic verdict Thursday afternoon, the first time a former president has been convicted of a crime.
Donald Trump

Former President Trump is found guilty in historic New York criminal case

Former President Donald Trump has been found guilty of falsifying business records to influence the outcome of the 2016 election.
a flag

Denali National Park contractor says American flag was removed from vehicle after road-noise complaint

Federal Highway Administration officials say they relayed the complaint to Granite Construction, which removed the flag from the vehicle on May 16.
a flag

Denali National Park draws dispute over alleged takedown of American flag

Sen. Dan Sullivan said that park staff caused a flag's removal from a construction vehicle. But the park called that account "false" a day later.

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