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a man with his fist in the air

Trump is fine after an assassination attempt at his rally

One person at the rally was killed and two others wounded in the attack.
Donald Trump

Trump says he was shot in the ear at rally, with 1 spectator dead and 2 others injured

Trump was rushed off stage. Images from the scene showed blood on Trump's face. The Secret Service said Trump "is fine."

Biden administration starts process to add or change ‘special area’ restrictions in the NPR-A

The BLM seeks public views on whether to add to the "special areas" of the reserve, where oil and gas development is restricted.

All Alaska Carrs stores targeted for sale in Kroger-Albertsons merger plan

The stores set to be sold include all 11 Carrs locations in Anchorage, Eagle River, Palmer and Wasilla.
frozen fish fillets

Alaska seafood marketers get $5M from feds after losing state funds

The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute says part of the money will help it increase the state industry’s involvement in pet food products.
a dog

CDC’s new rules for dogs entering the U.S. will have unique impacts in Alaska

The new border rules include a ban on bringing any dog under six months old into the U.S.
a photo of a man and a woman speaking into microphones

Alaska U.S. senators say they’re disgusted by the misconduct of a federal judge whose nomination they supported

Joshua Kindred was rated 16th out of 20 candidates for the court vacancy and he wasn't the senators' first choice.
a man with a blue tie

Newly resigned federal judge is accused of harassing a law clerk and ‘unwanted, offensive, and abusive sexual conduct’

The findings against Joshua Kindred are summarized in a 30-page order. It is rife with details describing sexual harassment and vulgar remarks.
an airliner

Boeing agrees to plead guilty and pay a nearly quarter-billion dollar fine

Boeing will plead guilty to a criminal fraud charge stemming from the crashes of two 737 Max jets in 2018 and 2019 that killed 346 people.
Supreme Court photo

The Supreme Court opinion that shifts power away from agencies and onto judges

How Loper Bright affects life in Alaska and beyond is "something that, you know, our kids will still be grappling with," one attorney says.

Trump-appointed judge in Alaska resigns after just 4 years

Then-President Trump selected Josh Kindred in part for his youth. Judges typically stay on the federal bench for decades.
A grizzly bear walks over rocks

National Park Service bans sport hunters from baiting bears

The Park Service says bear-baiting endangers park visitors and conditions bears to human food. Donuts and bacon grease are typical bait.
Senators Dan Sullivan and Lisa Murkowski speaking to the media

Murkowski and Sullivan diverge on Trump immunity ruling

Sen. Sullivan says the decision upholds constitutional principles. Sen. Murkowski notes that the cases against Trump are still proceeding.

Voice of the Arctic Iñupiat sues to overturn NPR-A rule

The lawsuit aims to void development restrictions in the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska. A new Supreme Court decision may give it a boost.
the Alaska Highway

Federal departments announce about $280M in funding for Alaska projects

Grants from Transportation, Interior and Agriculture will fund road and harbor projects, energy development and cleanup of old oil wells.
Donald Trump

Supreme Court says Trump has absolute immunity for core acts only

The decision likely ensures that the case against Donald Trump won’t be tried before the election, and then only if he is not reelected.
A man in a reflective vest picks uses a trash picker around tarps, tents and needles.

The Supreme Court says cities can punish people for sleeping in public places

The decision is a win for Western cities that wanted more powers to manage record homelessness. But advocates say it won't solve the larger problem.
a debate

4 takeaways from the first presidential debate

President Biden's early stumbles played into his biggest vulnerability, but how much will the first 2024 general election debate make an impact?
a home

As millions struggle with home prices, housing becomes a top issue for voters

Across the country, including in swing states, people have been priced out of buying homes. Record numbers are finding rent unaffordable.

Relief applications open for Alaska’s 2019 and 2020 crab fisheries disasters

Years after two crab fisheries disasters occurred in the Norton Sound and Bering Sea, millions in relief funds are finally available to affected fishers.
The community of Ambler along the Kobuk river as seen from the air

Sullivan amendment to defense bill would revive Ambler Road

The Biden administration nixed a proposal to build a road to the Ambler mining district. Sen. Sullivan wants to override that decision.
the Supreme Court

U.S. Supreme Court may consider Alaska’s ‘dark money’ disclosure rules

Under Alaska law, donors are required to disclose the “true source” of large contributions from nonprofits to local candidates.
a desk

Alaska faces consequences as federal education funding equity dispute continues

State officials offered the feds a $300,000 compromise instead of $17 million adjustment.
a voter in a polling booth

Want to run for president in Alaska? You’ll need a few thousand friends.

Supporters of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. have turned in more than 5,900 signatures, hoping to get the independent presidential candidate on this fall’s ballot.
A sign in a grassy field reads "Vote here today."

Justice Department says Alaska is discriminating against voters with disabilities

Muddy parking lots, ramps that don't meet the ground, inoperable voting machines — and that's in the cities, Justice Department says.

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