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Israel launches missile strikes into Iran, U.S. military official says

Iranian news has not reported any such strike. Israel's military has not responded to NPR's requests for comment.

Biden administration blocks Ambler Road, strengthens protections for NPR-A

Both Alaska senators, Republicans Dan Sullivan and Lisa Murkowski, expressed outrage even before the decisions were formally announced.
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Murkowski and Sullivan rail at federal moves to block Ambler Road and preserve parts of NPR-A

Two land-use decisions expected from the Biden administration this week have Alaska's U.S. senators fuming.
the U.S. Senate

Senate kills articles of impeachment against Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas

The Senate has rejected both articles of impeachment against Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, swiftly ending his trial.
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Army Corps of Engineers affirms denial of permit for Pebble Mine

It's another in a long string of rulings against the project. Still, opponents of the mine say their fight isn't over.

Rep. Peltola’s fundraising haul so far this year: $1.7M

Alaska Congresswoman Mary Peltola has far outraised her Republican rivals. Nancy Dahlstrom got a boost from GOP leaders in the U.S. House.
a weather station

State resolution would push feds to fix rural Alaska aviation weather stations

A pending Legislature joint resolution would urge Congress to address FAA Automated Weather Observing System outages common across Alaska.
an anti-missile system

Iran’s leaders insist the attack against Israel was a ‘victory’

A top Iranian lawmaker says Sunday's attack "humiliated the Israeli regime." But Israel says 99% of Iran's missiles and drones were intercepted.
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Another Boeing whistleblower says he faced retaliation for reporting ‘shortcuts’

An engineer who accused the company of taking production "shortcuts" has joined a growing list of whistleblowers who say they faced retaliation.
Julie Kitka

Alaska delegation nominates longtime Native leader to be co-chair of the Denali Commission

Julie Kitka, who served for decades as president of the Alaska Federation of Natives, was tapped to be the federal co-chair of the agency.
a gun show

Here’s the new plan to boost background checks for guns bought at shows or online

The Justice Department's new rule requires background checks for all gun sales, not just ones sold at gun stores.
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Alaska senators split on Mayorkas impeachment. Murkowski leery of wasting Senate time on ‘messaging.’

Alaska's U.S. senators are split on the impeachment of the DHS secretary. Dan Sullivan wants a Senate trial. Lisa Murkowski doesn't.

Lawmaker proposes Alaska Constitution amendment to resolve subsistence disputes with feds

Alaska Native leaders have blasted the proposal from Rep. Thomas Baker, R-Kotzebue, with one calling it “another attempt at a power grab by the state.”
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Russian objection to U.S. territorial claims off Alaska complicates maritime relationship

The response shows how failure to ratify the Convention on the Law of the Sea puts the U.S. at a disadvantage, says Sen. Lisa Murkowski.
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Western Alaska tribes, outraged by bycatch, turn up the heat on fishery managers and trawlers

The debate is increasingly urgent, as subsistence harvesting bans continue and proposed fixes threaten to impose steep costs on industry.
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Murkowski insists ‘I’m in the right place,’ despite rift with Trump

"I know what I am," Sen. Lisa Murkowski said, referencing her GOP roots. "And I know where I fit within my conference."
Areas under tsunami warning

Tsunami program that informs Alaskans of the danger is itself at risk

It funds maps, sirens and education. "Losing this program, really, at the end of the day could mean deaths in Alaska," says a state official.
an Eielson Air Force Base F-16

Air Force to send ‘Arctic Pay’ to most of its Alaska-based service members

JBER airmen can get a lump-sum payment of $1,000, or $2,000 if they have families. The bonus is double for those at Eielson.
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Federal discount on broadband is ending for 25,000 Alaska families

A subsidy helping low-income families afford broadband is running out of money. The Biden administration wants Congress to keep it going.
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After years of trying, the U.S. government may finally mandate safer table saws

After years of false starts, the Consumer Product Safety Commission looks poised to mandate a blade safety brake on all new table saws sold in the U.S.
a hospital

2 Alaska health care providers sue feds over millions in unpaid costs

The Yukon-Kuskokwim Health Corp. and Southeast Alaska Regional Health Consortium are seeking about $34 million in contract support costs.
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U.S. Capitol Christmas tree will come from Alaska’s Tongass National Forest

Christmas trees displayed at the U.S. Capitol come from different national forests. This year, the Tongass will be the source.
a hospital

Juneau’s hospital gets $4M from feds to improve emergency department

The project will expand and renovate the south side of Bartlett Regional Hospital's emergency department with ventilation and electrical upgrades.
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A conservative Oregon county attempts criminal prosecution of a federal employee

A U.S. Forest Service burn boss was due before a Grant County court Monday on charges after a 2022 controlled burn that spread onto private land.
A persons arm is seen holding a salmon

Judge rules for the feds in a lawsuit against the state of Alaska over subsistence fishing rights

The state can’t allow salmon fishing on a long stretch of the Kuskokwim River if their orders conflict with federal management decisions, the judge ruled.

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