Alaska Legislature


Native advocates celebrate passage of bill to address Alaska’s MMIP crisis

Alaska Native groups say they've worked for years to get agencies to address the state's high rate of missing and murdered Indigenous people.
Mike Dunleavy

Dunleavy examining energy bills passed by Alaska Legislature

Gov. Mike Dunleavy was optimistic about a bill on carbon storage, but was pondering next steps on royalty relief bills that didn't pass.
Andi Story

After several deadly drownings, Alaska Legislature votes to require harbor safety ladders

House Bill 345 is aimed at reducing drownings. It was one of more than 60 bills that the Legislature passed in its final hours.

A look at some of the bills that failed to pass the Alaska Legislature this year

Parts of a long-term plan to bring state revenue and expenses into line again failed to advance through the Capitol.
the Homer Harbor

Bill will allow higher insurance reimbursements for injured commercial fishermen

Senate Bill 93, signed into law last month by Gov. Mike Dunleavy, increases the maximum payout from the fishermen’s fund to $15,000.

State lawmakers wrapped up their four-month session last night. Here’s what they did.

The Legislature's budget, if signed into law by Gov. Mike Dunleavy, would provide Alaskans a PFD and energy check for roughly $1,655 this fall.
Cathy Giessel

Last-ditch attempt to return Alaska teacher, public employee pensions fails on Senate floor

The pension proposal would have piggybacked on a bill that aims to remedy the state’s teacher staffing crisis.

Bills aimed at reducing energy costs, boosting Cook Inlet gas and carbon storage advance in Legislature’s final days

The bills were initially proposed by Gov. Mike Dunleavy and now contain several other proposals. They're up for final votes soon.

Alaska lawmakers settle on roughly $1,650 PFD, energy relief amount

The budget also includes $175 million in one-time funding for public schools, roughly equivalent to $680 in base per-student funding.
Andi Story

Bill adding more Indigenous languages to Alaska’s official list heads to governor

The bill sponsored by Juneau Rep. Andi Story would add Cup’ig, Middle Tanana, Lower Tanana and Wetał to the list.
a harbor

Alaska lawmakers approve task force to consider responses to seafood industry ‘implosion’

The resolution calls for a task force of eight legislators to make recommendations for action on seafood, with a report due in January.

Alaska Legislature pushes through flurry of bills as session gets down to the wire

The House spent hours debating and eventually passing a bill restricting trans girls from being on girls’ sports teams.
A boy in a black striped T-shirt practices cello in an auditorium. with his sister and teacher.

Correspondence school families say recent Alaska court ruling left them panicked, shocked and angry

Alaska Public Media asked homeschool families to tell us how the court decision impacts their lives and received a flood of responses.
a group of people in a meeting room

Alaska House passes trans sports ban after extended filibuster by opponents

The bill now heads to the state Senate, where it is expected to die without becoming law.
an apology

Alaska lawmakers support push to investigate, document forced assimilation in boarding schools 

The widely supported resolution supports a bill championed by U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski in Congress.

Key senators skeptical royalty relief proposals would boost Cook Inlet gas output

It’s one of several ideas lawmakers are mulling to ease a projected gas shortfall in the basin that’s powered much of the state for decades.
solar panels

A bill to support community solar projects in Alaska appears close to becoming law

Community solar projects are small-scale solar farms that local ratepayers can buy into, in exchange for lower electricity bills.
two people sit at a desk

Alaska Senate OKs increased access to birth control

Alaskans may access up to 12 months worth of contraceptives at a time and without a co-pay from the state’s pharmacies if the bill becomes law.
the Alaska Capitol

Brinksmanship and compromise emerge in Alaska’s Capitol as legislative session nears an end

Legislators are combining varied pieces of legislation to get them across the finish line in the state Capitol.

Alaskans suing state over food assistance delays ask judge to order faster application processing

The director of the state’s Division of Public Assistance says that over the past few months, the situation has improved considerably.
oil and gas platforms in the water

Alaska Legislature heads into session’s homestretch with energy-related bills still on the table

That’s as gas producers warn that Cook Inlet natural gas supplies are dwindling, threatening higher prices.
Cathy Tilton

Lawsuit seeks to change Alaska legislative policy on vetoes, but the plaintiff is offering a deal

Jeff Landfield, owner of the Alaska Landmine, filed a lawsuit against Speaker of the House Cathy Tilton.

Legislature rejects Dunleavy appointees to state school board and commercial fishing agency

Members of the House and Senate objected to alleged ethics violations by Bob Griffin, who has sat on the state board for five years. 

Alaska House committee kills state-owned corporation’s plan to borrow up to $300M

The Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority did not identify specific projects or a timeline for spending.

Alaska House nears vote on big increase for public school maintenance statewide

The House Finance Committee approved the most school maintenance funding since 2011.

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