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Alaska Senate proposes $7.5M aid package for struggling fish processors

The program would add to more than $100 million in salmon and Alaska pollock purchases — more than 1,500 truck loads — announced earlier this year by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
Lori Townsend sits at a desk with Jenn Miller and Chris Rose.

Renewable railbelt energy | Alaska Insight

This Alaska Insight, host Lori Townsend and her guests discuss how realistic a transition to renewable energy is, and how long it could take.

Dunleavy says correspondence school decision will have broad impacts. But will it?

A judge recently threw out two laws underpinning key aspects of Alaska's homeschool system. The impact of the decision is up for debate.
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Alaska Senate rolls out operating budget with roughly $1,300 PFD plus energy relief check

Sen. Bert Stedman said the state has been "blessed" the last couple of years by high oil prices — but warned high prices won't last forever.
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Alaska’s carbon storage bill, once a revenue measure, is now seen as boon for oil and coal

The Alaska House of Representatives is set to vote for House Bill 50 on Wednesday, sending it to the Senate.
Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy speaks to a microphone.

Dunleavy argues homeschool allotments are an ‘indirect benefit’ to private schools. Lawmakers disagree.

House Republicans and the bipartisan Senate majority each say the Alaska Constitution prohibits spending public money on private education.
Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy speaks to a microphone.

Governor Dunleavy discusses education funding | Talk of Alaska

What would Alaska's governor agree to for an education spending plan? Governor Dunleavy joins us on this Talk of Alaska.
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Alaska House committee advances, expands proposal to bar trans girls from girls sports

An amended bill would add elementary, middle school and collegiate sports to limits in place for high school.

A judge has thrown out a key part of Alaska’s homeschool system. Here’s what to know.

A judge found unconstitutional the state's correspondence school allotment program, which pays for classes and supplies purchased by parents.
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State resolution would push feds to fix rural Alaska aviation weather stations

A pending Legislature joint resolution would urge Congress to address FAA Automated Weather Observing System outages common across Alaska.
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Lawmakers weigh whether to reduce or acknowledge rights of growing Alaska homeless population

As the state’s major cities scramble to house people, advocates say Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s protest bill would further criminalize the homeless.
Mary Peltola

Peltola says her priority is Alaskans’ economic prosperity

During a recent visit to Ketchikan, Rep. Mary Peltola discussed her approach to housing, mental health resources and addressing climate change.
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Alaska judge strikes down state’s cash payments to families using correspondence school programs

The decision on correspondence programs will become a "hot-button legislative item" in the final weeks of session, lawmakers said.

Alaska House rejects constitutional amendment guaranteeing formula-based PFD

Opponents of the measure said they feared a budget crisis. Supporters said it would spur lawmakers to rewrite the PFD formula.

The Cook Inlet gas crunch | Alaska Insight

On this episode of Alaska Insight, host Lori Townsend is joined by John Sims, CEO of ENSTAR Natural Gas, to discuss the future of Cook Inlet gas production.

Bishop disputes feds’ claim that Alaska didn’t fund schools equitably during pandemic

Education Commissioner Deena Bishop says the state funded schools as usual and didn't disproportionately reduce districts' funding.

Alaska House passes operating budget with roughly $2,300 PFD

Rep. DeLena Johnson, R-Palmer, says nobody’s totally satisfied — and that makes it a good compromise.
earthquake damage

In seismically active Alaska, plans for statewide residential building codes are on shaky ground

Pending state bills are supported by earthquake experts and homebuilding organizations, but they have also generated skepticism.
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Dunleavy says new polling data shows Alaskans want education reform with BSA increase

The poll was commissioned by the governor and conducted by Dittman Research just one week after Dunleavy vetoed the legislature’s bipartisan education bill.

Alaska House digs into budget — and a developing gap between expenses and revenue

Financial estimates being compiled Tuesday indicate there may not be enough revenue to cover the Legislature’s draft spending plan.

Lawmaker proposes Alaska Constitution amendment to resolve subsistence disputes with feds

Alaska Native leaders have blasted the proposal from Rep. Thomas Baker, R-Kotzebue, with one calling it “another attempt at a power grab by the state.”
A group of students walking of their school wearing red and holding a sign that reads, "Prioritize my Education."

Alaska schools making drastic cuts in wake of governor’s veto, school administrators council says

Lisa Parady is the Executive Director of the Alaska Council of School Administrators and says the council's members are doing everything they can to avoid negative impacts to classrooms and students.

Bill would require Alaska beverage sellers to post warning signs about alcohol-related cancer risks

Bill sponsor Rep. Andrew Gray, D-Anchorage, says too few people know about the link between alcohol consumption and cancer.
school bus in front of building

States beyond Alaska were surprised by COVID education grant requirement, expert says

State lawmakers got some perspective on a COVID-related education funding dispute between Alaska and the federal government on Wednesday.

Alaska school year could start in September under new proposal

The later start date would allow students to spend more time on subsistence activities and working in construction or tourism jobs.

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