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Alaska News Nightly: Monday, October 2, 2023

Alaska continues to see staffing shortages at pharmacies. Plus, the Anchorage Assembly prepares a $10 million ballot question to improve access to Chugach State Park. And, internet speed in Unalaska gets a boost.

State of Art: Celebrate local literature with Alaska Book Week

The series of events celebrating writing and writers in Alaska runs from Sunday October 1 to 8. There will be live events and virtual presentations featuring everything from poetry and romance to nonfiction and children's books. Professor of English and Book Week coordinator, Trish Jenkins, joins us to tell us all about it.

Hometown, Alaska: Indigenous heritage in modern music

The Alaska Federation of Natives annual convention is only a few weeks away and there will be plenty of speakers, crafts and traditional music. But what about contemporary music? On this episode of Hometown, Alaska we have two very different in-studio performances from some up-and-coming Alaska Native musicians. Join host Dave Waldron as he speaks with hip-hop duo Brother Buffalo and singer-songwriter Witty Youngman about their music and how their heritage influences their art.
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Alaska News Nightly: Friday, September 29, 2023

As salmon disappears on the Yukon River, a young leader considers what that means for the future. Plus, a new report examines Alaska's prison population. And, a new project aims to provide STEM education resources to Indigenous students.
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How to increase in-state food production | Alaska Insight

The disruption of the pandemic focused even more attention on a perennial concern for Alaska, our distance from major food suppliers. The future economic health of our state depends in part on having a more robust, local supply of food to reduce reliance on outside producers. In this episode of Alaska Insight, host Lori Townsend is joined by Glenna Gannon, an assistant professor of sustainable food systems with the University of Alaska Fairbanks, and Tikaan Galbreath, technical assistance network director with the Intertribal Agriculture Council, to discuss creating sustainable food systems in Alaska.
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Alaska News Nightly: Thursday, September 28, 2023

New details on the plane crash that killed Eugene Peltola Jr. Plus, a nonprofit trains people on the Kenai Peninsula to build their own homes at a reduced cost. And, the annual Fat Bear Week competition has an undercard: Fat Bear Week Jr.

Outdoor Explorer: Burning Man 2023

Every year at the end of August in the Black Rock Desert of northwest Nevada, Black Rock City is built. For about a week it becomes the third largest city in Nevada, with around 60,000 inhabitants. It is the host city for the annual event called Burning Man. On this episode of Outdoor Explorer, host Adam Verrier speaks with the race director of the annual Burning Man Ultramarathon and two artists who used recycled and biodegradable materials to create and art piece.