a truck says "keep st paul rat free!"

Possible rat sighting on remote St. Paul Island raises alarm

It may sound silly to outsiders, but for the remote Pribilof Island, a possible rat sighting could be a big deal.
a phone

‘An unfair fight’: The U.S. surgeon general declares war on social media

Vivek Murthy called this week for social media platforms to carry warning labels like those put on cigarettes and alcohol, due to their effects on teens.
a hospital

Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly considers $38.5M Homer hospital bond

The bond would go towards acquiring land and much needed maintenance for South Peninsula Hospital.
healthy, diet, weight loss

Deconstructing fad diets | Line One: Your Health Connection

Join host Dr. Justin Clark as he discusses the good and the bad of the current fad diets on this Line One.
a homeless shelter

Ketchikan’s main homeless shelter is shutting its doors for good

First City Homeless Services' board wrote that “continual obstructive behavior” from the Ketchikan City Council led them to the decision.

Supreme Court rejects challenge to FDA’s approval of mifepristone

The court said that the challengers had no right to be in court at all since they could not show they had suffered any actual injury from the FDA rules.
A mostly empty hospital hallway

A new lawsuit over Alaska’s Medicaid backlog asks a judge to order faster processing

As of last month, more than 15,000 Alaskans had Medicaid applications awaiting approval by the Division of Public Assistance.
people sit at a table

Juneau’s hospital hears from the community as budget crisis threatens service cuts

Some residents say there could be damaging consequences for the community if the services are lost.
fishing nets

How much fish do Alaskans eat? Enough to require new water pollution rules, EPA says

The EPA is giving the state six to 12 months to come up with new or revised standards for more than 100 pollutants in state waters.
A lawn with an elevated pedestrian walkway over it.

Self-advocacy and accommodations for college students with disabilities | Line One

On this Line One, host Prentiss Pemberton is joined by a college disabilities expert to discuss how students can advocate for themselves in college.
Two people hike up a ridge with two lakes visible below.

Keeping safe during Summer adventures | Talk of Alaska

We gathered your best advice and talked with outdoor safety experts to hear their tips on this Talk of Alaska.

A Homer needle exchange offers safer supplies for rural Alaskans and a bridge to recovery

Alaska’s geography means many people in rural areas have trouble getting clean syringes.
a group of people talk at a meeting

Juneau’s hospital is bleeding cash. City leaders are considering cutting services to stop it.

“We’re left with very stark choices about how we want to move forward,” said Max Mertz, the hospital board’s finance committee chair.
a sign

Alaska health officials point to wastewater sampling as useful disease-tracking tool

Wastewater testing is helpful in keeping track of COVID-19 and other contagious diseases, and state health officials hope to expand it.

Southcentral Foundation breaks ground on new behavioral health center in Anchorage

The new facility will provide detox, mental health care for those in crisis, and outpatient care.
the kenai courthouse

Appeals court approves involuntarily medicating Nikiski man for murder trial

River Aspelund, accused of killing his mother in 2022, had challenged his antipsychotic medication by Alaska Psychiatric Institute staff.
A sign with an arrow pointing right toward Nesbett Courthouse and an arrow pointing left toward Boney Courthouse.

25 Years of Therapeutic Courts | Talk of Alaska

How well have therapeutic courts like mental health and DUI courts performed in the last 25 years and what will the next 25 look like?
the Alaska Supreme Court

Alaska Supreme Court confirms: ‘Hoverboard dentist’ is banned from dentistry in Alaska

In a separate criminal case, former dentist Seth Lookhart was sentenced to 20 years in prison with eight suspended.
A man looks on while a woman touches a big machine.

ANTHC launches first in-state lab for cervical cancer screening

The Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium started a new program in May to test for human papillomavirus, or HPV, in its own lab.
a fox in a field

Federal bill would add veterinary care to IHS duties to address rabies, other risks in rural Alaska

Veterinarians are scarce in Indigenous communities but the need is great, given the diseases circulating in wildlife that can spread to pets and people.
Alexis Johnson

Anchorage Assembly calls for inquiry into leaked texts between city’s top homeless official and shelter contractors

Anchorage Assembly members say the texts, which Henning Inc. officials say were taken out of context, raise concerns about its shelter management.

Your skin is the window to your body’s health | Line One

On this Line One, Dr. Jillian Woodruff and her guest discuss how to care for your skin and keep the window to your internal health open.
Jesse Bjorkman

Alaska Legislature passes bill enabling employers to use saliva tests for drugs, alcohol

If Gov. Mike Dunleavy signs SB 196 or allows it to become law, employers using saliva tests would be legally protected.

15,000 Alaskans are caught in Medicaid backlog, but care continues, state says

In most cases, Alaskans eligible for Medicaid are still able to access care as long as they’ve submitted an application.

Alaska Legislature establishes psychedelic task force for FDA-approved therapies

The task force will help with legislative, licensing and health insurance policies to make any federally-approved therapies accessible.

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