a ticket counter

Former Yute Commuter Service manager charged in $200K embezzlement case

Prosecutors say Nathan McCabe, 40, defrauded Yute and Bethel's Riverside Apartments of the funds over a period of several months.
Cannabis plants grow under indoor plant lights.

Marijuana reclassification and taxation | Talk of Alaska

While a bill to lower taxes didn't pass the legislature this year. Industry advocates say reclassification could offer some relief.
Mike Dunleavy

Dunleavy examining energy bills passed by Alaska Legislature

Gov. Mike Dunleavy was optimistic about a bill on carbon storage, but was pondering next steps on royalty relief bills that didn't pass.

Klawock hopes for an economic boost as it welcomes cruise ships for the first time

The ceremony was the result of 18 months of planning by tribal leaders, who are hoping to revive the town’s flagging economy with tourism.

Ketchikan tourist sues borough after scooter tips over on public bus

Attorneys for 91-year-old Donald Gillingham say the scooter wasn't secured when it fell, breaking his ribs and puncturing his lung.
the Homer Harbor

Bill will allow higher insurance reimbursements for injured commercial fishermen

Senate Bill 93, signed into law last month by Gov. Mike Dunleavy, increases the maximum payout from the fishermen’s fund to $15,000.

New study says social media drives visitation in national parks, especially in Alaska

More and more, national parks are using social media to boost visitor numbers and amplify their conservation efforts.
the Supreme Court

Supreme Court upholds Consumer Financial Protection Bureau funding

The 7-2 ruling overturns a lower 5th Circuit Court of Appeals decision that the federal consumer watchdog's structure is unconstitutional.
a building

DOJ says Boeing broke deal that avoided prosecution after 2 fatal 737 Max crashes

Prosecutors told a judge Boeing had broken its three years of probation after the crashes, which ended days after January's 737 Max door-plug blowout.

Bills aimed at reducing energy costs, boosting Cook Inlet gas and carbon storage advance in Legislature’s final days

The bills were initially proposed by Gov. Mike Dunleavy and now contain several other proposals. They're up for final votes soon.

Ketchikan residents protest imitation totem poles carved by convicted murderer

The contested poles are planned decoration for a crafts market. The City Council will mull its regulatory authority over them at a May 16 meeting.
a harbor

Alaska lawmakers approve task force to consider responses to seafood industry ‘implosion’

The resolution calls for a task force of eight legislators to make recommendations for action on seafood, with a report due in January.

Key senators skeptical royalty relief proposals would boost Cook Inlet gas output

It’s one of several ideas lawmakers are mulling to ease a projected gas shortfall in the basin that’s powered much of the state for decades.
a king salmon

Southeast Alaska not ready for a hatchery-only king fishery, study finds

Researchers say a major concern that arose from the study was incidentally killing wild kings while targeting the hatchery fish.
solar panels

A bill to support community solar projects in Alaska appears close to becoming law

Community solar projects are small-scale solar farms that local ratepayers can buy into, in exchange for lower electricity bills.

California says restaurants must bake all of their add-on fees into menu prices

Starting July 1, California restaurant menus must list comprehensive prices for each item, with all mandatory charges baked into one figure.
Stikine River

New report questions business model of British Columbia gold mines

The report says mines are allowing day traders and Canadian taxpayers to assume most of the financial risk, while a much smaller group of shareholders reaps the rewards.
Japanese energy officials

Could Alaska be the final destination for Japan’s carbon pollution?

A new federal study reflects growing interest in injecting and storing climate-warming carbon pollution in underground reservoirs in Alaska.
oil and gas platforms in the water

Alaska Legislature heads into session’s homestretch with energy-related bills still on the table

That’s as gas producers warn that Cook Inlet natural gas supplies are dwindling, threatening higher prices.
a jackup rig in the water

Some Cook Inlet oil platforms have sat unused for years. This reporter decided to find out why.

There are six offshore platforms in Cook Inlet that haven't pumped oil in years, including one that has sat unused since 1992.
A gray concrete building labeled Eklutna Power Plant along a snowy road

The governor has a big decision to make about the Eklutna River and hydro project. Here’s what to know. 

The governor has an Oct. 2 deadline to review the plan, comments, any alternatives, and try to smooth out any disagreements.
an oil and gas platform in the water

This oil platform stopped pumping 30 years ago. Alaska still won’t make the owner tear it down.

Owners can put off the costly process of tearing down the platforms using a strategy one critic calls “delay, deny and diddle around.” And in Alaska, the state has let them do it — for decades.
a wireless tower

GCI mobile customers in Bethel demand answers after weeks of call issues

The telecom firm says the problem is now fixed. But business owners say they've been hurt by spotty service for incoming calls in April.
an airplane

Southeast Alaska air carrier adopts new tech to make travel safer, more reliable

More precise GPS technology and FAA approval for Alaska Seaplanes to fly new routes is expected to lead to fewer cancellations and increased safety.
a forum

State economist says Kenai Peninsula job market recovering faster than Alaska

Economist Sam Tappen said the Kenai Peninsula has fared better than the rest of the state in rebounding from the post-pandemic recession.

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