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Growing up in a highly-public world | Line One

On this Line One, host Prentiss Pemberton explores the way living in a highly publicized world can impact mental health and development.

Alaska organizations teach kids how to avoid online predators

Adult predators are finding new ways to message kids online and manipulate them. So, the FBI and other organizations in Alaska are teaching kids how to stay safe when they’re spending time online.
Two young Alaska Native men hold their hands over their hearts and bow their heads.

Talk to the Tundra: How a Yup’ik Village Heals Together | INDIE ALASKA

The Yup'ik village of Toksook Bay has been grappling with grief and a lack of mental health resources for young people after they finish school.

Girdwood doula helps people plan, prepare for and celebrate death

Julie Raymond-Yakoubian guides people through both spiritual and pragmatic arrangements surrounding end-of-life care and death.

With law enforcement sparse, Alaska villages build network of safety for survivors

Advocates for domestic violence victims are seeking solutions as federal money goes to small Tribes with limited access to law enforcement.
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Alaska health care providers sue to keep state rule mandating minimum payments for care

The state plans to end regulation on Jan. 1, citing upward pressure on prices, but some doctors say it will affect access to care.

Healthcare professionals consider Alaska’s potential for psychedelic therapies

Most psychedelic therapy is not legal in Alaska, except for ketamine therapy. But a panel of professionals discussed its future.
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Domestic violence is feeding Alaska’s homelessness crisis

Some Alaska shelters are building long-term housing to keep women safe.

Abortions in Alaska can only be performed by doctors. Is that about to change?

Only doctors can perform abortions in Alaska, according to a 50-year-old law. Planned Parenthood’s Alaska chapter argues that this limits access to abortion. So, the chapter filed a lawsuit against the state.

Alaska does not have enough housing to keep survivors of domestic violence safe

Advocates say they have the money to house survivors, but no place to put them.
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At a vigil for Anchorage’s homeless youth, a tale of how a teen found hope

During a Thursday vigil hosted by Covenant House Alaska, Ryna Lealai shared her story of escaping Anchorage's streets at age 17.
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Monthly premiums for health insurance on the federal marketplace will rise 16% in Alaska next year

The spike comes after an 18% increase the previous year, which means prices have risen more than one-third in two years.

Mental health resources for veterans | Talk of Alaska

Paths to healing and happiness for veterans is our discussion on this Talk of Alaska.

Anchorage storms make transportation tricky for all, and worse for people with disabilities

Anchorage residents have faced a series of snow storms this week, and being a pedestrian in the city has been challenging, if not impossible.
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Western Alaska salmon crisis affects physical and mental health, residents say

The message was emphasized on Friday at a field hearing held by U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski in Bethel, the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta's regional hub.

Trust land auctions fund mental health care in Alaska

The Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority is selling some of the 1 million acres of federal land it received under the Mental Health Act of 1956.
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A conversation with Alaska’s exorcist

KCAW’s Meredith Redick sat down with Father Joseph McGilloway, the official exorcist for the Catholic Church in Alaska, to talk about his work.
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Dealing with the dark | Talk of Alaska

We discuss darkness, and finding ways to enjoy the short days of winter, on this Talk of Alaska.

Why are more Alaskans in the Interior contracting HIV?

Health officials are working to better understand why Fairbanks and the Interior have seen a cluster of new HIV cases over the past two years.
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Resources for rural child care providers | Alaska Insight

On this episode of Alaska Insight, host Lori Townsend and her guests discuss what rural communities need to make child care effective and affordable.
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Domestic Violence in Alaska: Advocates link Alaska’s high rate of traumatic brain injury with domestic violence

Alaska has the highest rate of deaths from traumatic brain injury in the nation and among the highest rates of domestic violence.

Motivation, parenting, and learning from mistakes | Line One: Your Health Connection

Host Prentiss Pemberton and his guest how to accept and address our own flaws, while teaching kids to do the same.
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Wait for food stamps continues, but could prompt legislative changes

The state is working through a backlog of thousands of applications for SNAP benefits, after Alaskans waited months for help buying food.
A close up of a skeleton sculpture with traditional Mexican attire for Día de Muertos on an altar.

Día de los Muertos celebration offers comfort and community connection

Día de los Muertos is a Mexican and Mexican-diaspora celebration of people who have died and Anchorage is celebrating it for the 19th year.
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Bethel residents light candles for victims of domestic violence

The Tundra Women's Coalition hosted its final event marking this year's Domestic Violence Awareness Month, a Thursday candlelight vigil in Bethel.

Alaska Public Media’s mental health coverage is supported by a grant from the Alaska Mental Health Trust and our members.

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