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Supreme Court rejects challenge to FDA’s approval of mifepristone

The court said that the challengers had no right to be in court at all since they could not show they had suffered any actual injury from the FDA rules.
A lawn with an elevated pedestrian walkway over it.

Self-advocacy and accommodations for college students with disabilities | Line One

On this Line One, host Prentiss Pemberton is joined by a college disabilities expert to discuss how students can advocate for themselves in college.
Two people hike up a ridge with two lakes visible below.

Keeping safe during Summer adventures | Talk of Alaska

We gathered your best advice and talked with outdoor safety experts to hear their tips on this Talk of Alaska.

A Homer needle exchange offers safer supplies for rural Alaskans and a bridge to recovery

Alaska’s geography means many people in rural areas have trouble getting clean syringes.

Southcentral Foundation breaks ground on new behavioral health center in Anchorage

The new facility will provide detox, mental health care for those in crisis, and outpatient care.
the kenai courthouse

Appeals court approves involuntarily medicating Nikiski man for murder trial

River Aspelund, accused of killing his mother in 2022, had challenged his antipsychotic medication by Alaska Psychiatric Institute staff.
A sign with an arrow pointing right toward Nesbett Courthouse and an arrow pointing left toward Boney Courthouse.

25 Years of Therapeutic Courts | Talk of Alaska

How well have therapeutic courts like mental health and DUI courts performed in the last 25 years and what will the next 25 look like?
Alexis Johnson

Anchorage Assembly calls for inquiry into leaked texts between city’s top homeless official and shelter contractors

Anchorage Assembly members say the texts, which Henning Inc. officials say were taken out of context, raise concerns about its shelter management.

Alaska Legislature establishes psychedelic task force for FDA-approved therapies

The task force will help with legislative, licensing and health insurance policies to make any federally-approved therapies accessible.
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When perfectionism becomes unhealthy | Line One

How do you tell when perfectionism becomes unhealthy, and what can you do to prevent it from becoming a harmful influence?

At Hiland Mountain Correctional Center, art classes help prisoners take a break and prepare for release

One of the themes teacher Jamey Bradbury talks about in her classes is the healing power of art.
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Candid conversations on Sex Therapy | Line One

On this Line One, Dr. Jillian Woodruff and her guest discuss how sex therapy can strengthen connections, enhance communication, and revive intimacy.

Former head prison doctor replaces Anne Zink as Alaska’s chief medical officer

Dr. Robert Lawrence is a family medicine doctor who got his start in rural Alaska.
Healthcare workers paint tiles at a carnival as a part of nurses week.

Celebrating Nurses Week | Line One

Join host Dr. Jillian Woodruff on this Line One, as she and her guest discuss the science of skin, and how to care for it.
Wooden white crosses dot a grassy park.

Last year was Alaska’s deadliest on record for opioid overdoses

Alaska lost 342 people to opioid overdose in 2023 and had the highest increase in deaths per capita in the nation.
Cathy Giessel

Alaska Senate considers plan that would allow teens to independently seek mental health care

An amendment from Sen. Cathy Giessel, R-Anchorage, would lower the age for obtaining behavioral health care to 16.
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Relocation of eroding Alaska Native village seen as a test case

The Newtok-to-Mertarvik transformation is the most advanced of several village relocation efforts prompted by climate change.
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Medication is an important tool for people struggling with alcohol addiction in Alaska

There are more options than ever for treating alcohol use disorder in Alaska, including several medications that can make it easier for some people to reduce or stop drinking.
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Former Southwest Alaska VPSO, pastor arrested in Texas on child sexual assault charges

Monte LaVelle Chitty, 62, was arrested April 5 in the Florida case. Former members of his Cold Bay church say the charges fit a familiar pattern.
a mother and son

Suicides make up majority of gun deaths, but remain overlooked in gun violence debate

Suicide is the leading cause of gun-related deaths in the United States. But it's often only an afterthought in the public debate about gun violence.
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Alaska House committee advances, expands proposal to bar trans girls from girls sports

An amended bill would add elementary, middle school and collegiate sports to limits in place for high school.
A doctor with a brown sweater stands in front of an emergency room

Public health officials revamp efforts to protect Alaskans against lead poisoning

Fewer children get tested for lead in Alaska, so officials are launching new programs to encourage testing and provide follow-up care.
a housing complex

Sitka’s housing crunch hits tribal citizens hardest, study says

The survey also found that tribal citizens are leaving Sitka at a higher rate than other residents.
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Lawmakers weigh whether to reduce or acknowledge rights of growing Alaska homeless population

As the state’s major cities scramble to house people, advocates say Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s protest bill would further criminalize the homeless.
a gun show

Here’s the new plan to boost background checks for guns bought at shows or online

The Justice Department's new rule requires background checks for all gun sales, not just ones sold at gun stores.

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