A musher shields her eyes from the back of the sled

Yukon Quest Alaska to hold 300-mile sled dog race as rift with Canada continues

The Yukon Quest Alaska executive director says she hopes the organization will make up with Canada one day and hold a longer race.
A man in a black parka with two dogs

Iditapod: The all-Indigenous Iditarod podium

Alaska Native mushers took the podium in the 2023 Iditarod, with the Knik Kid, Ryan Redington, winning his first championship and Bethel's Pete Kaiser and Aniak's Richie Diehl mushing into second and third place. The race's top 10 were all into Nome by Wednesday morning, and we have an update on Rookie of the Year honors, as well as three Dogs of the Day, two listener questions and a story about collecting dog pee. Also: This'll do it for Season 7 of the Iditapod. Thanks for coming along with us on this thousand-mile journey!
a dog in a dog box

Jet, who always knows where she’s going

Wade Marrs says this will be the last Iditarod for his longtime leader Jet.
A musher drives a sled

From snow hooks to alarm clocks: Here’s what 5 Iditarod mushers say they’ve lost along the trail

Mushers have a lot to keep track of on the trail and sometimes leave things behind.
A man with curly hair in a parka with a fur ruff

Eddie Burke Jr. wins Iditarod Rookie of the Year

The former amateur boxer and garbage truck driver had the best rookie finish since Jessie Holmes in 2018, finishing in seventh place.
a musher behind a dog team

Kaiser and Diehl round out ‘almost unheard of’ all Alaska Native Iditarod podium

After Ryan Redington’s win, Richie Diehl and Pete Kaiser say they’re showing that rural mushing isn’t dying.
two people hug in finish chute

Iditapod: An Iditarod champ from the founding family

The 40-year-old Ryan Redington has won his first Iditarod and the first championship for the Redington family, on his 16th try (and after six previous scratches). "I've just been on pins and needles," said his mom, Barb, at the finish line. We'll hear Redington's finish itself in this episode, and from Alaska Public Media's Lex Treinen about the finish and how Redington arrived there first. The dog friends that did the leading into Nome -- Sven and Ghost -- are our obvious picks for Dogs of the Day. And we have a listener question about dog-human friends, with a fun answer from a friendly musher.
a man smiles at finish line

Redington notches family’s first Iditarod victory, a childhood dream

The grandson of the “Father of the Iditarod” won his first Iditarod Tuesday on his 16th try.
two dogs and a musher

Sven and Ghost, the Iditarod champions

Sven and Ghost led Ryan Redington to his first Iditarod victory on Tuesday.
a dog team

Redington is first out of Safety, with just 22 miles to Iditarod finish line

Ryan Redington’s closest competitors are Pete Kaiser and Richie Diehl

Iditapod: Hanging onto a lead and an Iditarod dream

Ryan Redington has a secure hold on first place in the 2023 Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, heading into the final 100 miles of trail. Meanwhile, one rookie musher had some trouble holding onto his dog sled, after falling asleep, falling off and getting a fortuitous lift. We have a listener question, not about losing a dog team, but about losing stuff along the Iditarod Trail. And it's a twofer of Dogs of the Day: Riley Dyche's smart and mellow Elway and Mike Williams Jr.'s smart and hyper Viper.
a musher on a sled

3 Alaska Native mushers lead the charge to Iditarod finish line

It’s a close race between Ryan Redington, Richie Diehl and Pete Kaiser.
a woman in outdoor gear, with headphones hanging from her jacket

Here’s what 5 Iditarod mushers are listening to on the trail

From country music to motivational books to nothing at all.
a man and a sled dog

Viper, the precocious leader and voracious eater

Mike Williams Jr. said he put Viper in lead on a whim earlier this year. The 2-year-old has been leading the charge ever since.
A man in a fur-ruffed parka

When this Iditarod rookie lost his dog team, his top competitor helped him out

Eddie Burke Jr. said he dozed off on his sled along the Yukon River and lost his team 18 miles from the nearest checkpoint. His closest competitor for rookie of the year gave him a lift.
A man in a fur hat poses with shaggy black poodles

Iditapod bonus: John Suter in Anchorage

In this extended interview, we hear more from John Suter, an Iditarod finisher who famously had a team that included poodles. Suter ran the Iditarod with poodles in 1988, '89, '90 and '91, finishing each year ahead of other teams racing more traditional sled dogs.
two people look into the wind

Ryan Redington in command of Iditarod as ‘childhood dream’ comes alive on Bering Sea coast

Ryan Redington arrived in Unalakleet early Sunday after a monster run from Kaltag to the coast, putting more distance between him and his rivals.
a man in a sweater with his arms around a dog

Elway, the super intelligent star quarterback

Riley Dyche described 5-year-old Elway as fearless, smart and strong.
A man with curly hair and a head lamp

Two young mushers take aim at Iditarod Rookie of the Year honors

Eddie Burke Jr. and Hunter Keefe will need to face the windy Bering Sea coast before final placings get within reach.
A man in a green hoodie and a seal hat and a parka

‘Best in the world’: Tight race shapes up for lead as top Iditarod teams head for the coast

With defending champ Brent Sass out, the top of the Iditarod field is scrambled, leaving four main teams at the top.
A man in a white ruffed fur parka

Reigning Iditarod champ Brent Sass drops out of race over health concerns

Sass said he had been sick the entire race with a bad cold and also had three cracked teeth.
A dog team runs on a flat trail

Iditapod: The champ has scratched. Long live the champ.

Reigning Iditarod champion Brent Sass has scratched from this year’s race, due to what race officials described as “periodontal health” issues. So 31 teams remained in the race Saturday, and in this episode we hear from the chase pack-turned lead pack about how they were feeling about heading up the Yukon River, plus more from the top rookies in this year’s race. We have a powerhouse Dog of the Day with a funny, uh, pungent name, and a listener question about sled dog breeds that led us to the famous poodle musher.
a man in a red jackegt

‘I just knew I was taking him to Nome’: Jason Mackey mushes with Lance Mackey’s ashes

Jason Mackey says he knows that the Iditarod trail was home for his brother.
a dog stands on the snow-covered pavement

Blunt, who gets better when the going gets tough

Eddie Burke Jr.’s 5-year-old leader already has an impressive racing resume, but it’s only his first Iditarod.
A dog team runs through the snow

On Yukon River, Iditarod teams recuperate from early bruises and strategize big moves

The trail on the Yukon River is reportedly hard and fast making for relatively easy running. But it makes plotting a surge up the standings tricky.

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