A view of 4th Ave in Anchorage from a rooftop.

2022 Destination Assessment proposes ways to make Anchorage more appealing

Destination development consultant Roger Brooks presented eight initiatives on how to make Anchorage more appealing to visitors and residents.

What is the CARES Act and how can it help you and your small business? | Alaska Insight

Congress has now passed three coronavirus response bills that President Trump has signed, each bigger than the last. The largest and most far-reaching is...

A digital revolution arrives in rural Alaska, thanks to the pandemic

Rural Alaska communities have largely been left behind in the digital revolution -- until now. Akiak will be the first community in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta to bring high-speed broadband internet to all its residents later this month on November 15.

A traditional Unangax̂ boat sails for the first time in over 200 years

https://youtu.be/_Ka9-tBUweg It’s been about 200 years since Russian colonizers demolished the last remaining examples of large Unangax̂ boats called a niĝilax̂. The wooden framed boats...

Alaska health care officials address vaccine concerns in Black and Indigenous communities

https://youtu.be/sh6_RZuaZ_Q To defeat COVID-19, Alaska needs to vaccinate as many residents as possible. But how do concerns about the vaccine affect the success of that...
A woman's hand holds a tap into a birch tree

Birch tree tappers say a warming Alaska is making the harvest season harder to predict

https://youtu.be/zHP6lEi-Iiw April is birch tree sap season in Southcentral Alaska. A season that is harder and harder to predict because of climate change. Alaska Public...

Anchorage volunteer lobbyist fights for public education

The word 'lobbyist' is often paired with 'fat-cat'. But here in Alaska, it's not just the paid lobbyists who...

Alaskan farmers get creative with growing food sustainably

https://youtu.be/7fOPc3vhtb0 The definition of farming has expanded over time from soil-only planting and harvesting to include farmers that harvest from the sea. Along the coast,...
Duke Russell by his Subaru

Duke Russell couldn’t keep walking away from Anchorage’s neediest people. Now he’s feeding hundreds a day.

“Once you see stuff happen, you just can’t walk away anymore, you know?” the Spenard artist said.
Dr. Elizabeth Bates runs through protocol with a YKHC employee at the COVID-19 drive-thru test site in Bethel.

How Bethel and other rural Alaska villages are preparing for COVID-19 | Alaska Insight

With the first case of COVID-19 confirmed in Southwest Alaska, state and tribal health officials are working to provide adequate supplies for...
Lt. Gen. David Krumm sitting in a chair in an office

The military sharpens its focus on the Arctic

As the Arctic warms, it increasingly has the potential to become an arena where world powers compete for dominance. While Russia and China are beefing up their Arctic presence, the Pentagon has been slow to make the Arctic a priority. Alaska Public Media’s Liz Ruskin reports that may be changing.
A man with a newborn and other children.

Training child care providers in Southeast Alaska

Quality child care is in limited supply across Alaska, but especially so in rural parts of the state.

ANWR on hold: Decades-long uncertainty over Arctic refuge drilling continues

When Joe Biden took office, he immediately slammed the brakes on oil drilling in the Arctic refuge. So how did we get here? And, what’s next?

An Anchorage mosaic highlights the importance of mental wellbeing

Talking about mental health is hard, but it’s important for anyone who is struggling to know that they’re not alone. Alaska Public Media’s Adam Nicely brings us this story of an Anchorage community project with that goal, called Mental Health Mosaics.

Bringing Water to Lower Kalskag

Imagine living in a town where only some of the residents have running water. Everyone else has to fetch...
a person cuts down a tree

Tiny beetles threaten spruce trees and homes in Alaska

https://youtu.be/JanC26BhtAw Take a flight over the Mat-Su valley, the Anchorage Bowl, or the Kenai Peninsula and you may notice areas that were once evergreen, but...
A group of elders participate in an exercise class in an indoor pool.

For older Alaskans, exercise classes build community

Many older Alaskans are building community, battling isolation and staying healthy in exercise classes.

How are Alaska malls and small businesses affected by COVID-19 shutdowns? | Alaska Insight

As Alaska moves through phases of reopening its economy, retail stores in Anchorage have been open for more than three weeks now....

With knowledge of his ancestors, young leader looks to ANCSA’s future

Aaron Tolen has tribal and ANCSA regional corporation affiliations across the state. He aims to balance a modern education with the values and traditions of his people, so he can continue to feel grounded in his culture and also experience success in a contemporary way.
A man in a dark green jacket sits on a cot alone inside a building that has been converted into a shelter.

A look at Anchorage’s emergency cold weather shelter plan

Anchorage opened a 150-bed cold-weather shelter on Oct. 31. But less than a month into winter shelter season, it has a 1,000-person waitlist.