A 50th anniversary copy of the Alaska State Constitution sits on the top of a table.

What you need to know about the constitutional convention question

Questions about the permanent fund dividend, Alaska’s fiscal woes, and abortion access have some advocating to vote "yes" on the once a decade ballot question: "Shall there be a Constitutional Convention?"

A new generation of women in the trades are being trained in Anchorage | Alaska Insight

When you picture a carpenter, a man likely comes to mind. But women are increasingly attracted to the field’s high wages and the opportunity...

Low teenage turnout for vaccine increases COVID case rate in Alaska

We’re a month into the school year and Alaska is experiencing peak Covid-19 cases and a hospital system at max capacity. Alaska Public Media’s Jeff Chen looks at how low teenage turnout for the Covid vaccine increases case rates in Alaska.
An empty downtown Skagway, Alaska in a summer of no tourism.

The summer that wasn’t; Skagway businesses struggle to survive a season of no tourism

https://youtu.be/_CdxwPKmFy4 In Southeast Alaska, tourism drives the summer economy. In Skagway, it’s critical. But this year, COVID-19 means tourists are mostly non-existent in the town...

After vandalism, museum continues to share Jewish life in Alaska

https://youtu.be/v3z0j-sBtWA Incidents of antisemitism have been on the rise nationally and worldwide. Here in Alaska, a series of events last year highlighted the need for...

Further Insight: Mahala Ashley Dickerson, part one

As part of Alaska Public Media’s celebration of Black History Month Alaska Insight highlighted the life of the late Mahala Ashley Dickerson, who was...

Remembering Alaskan Thelma Buchholdt, the nation’s first Philippine-born woman legislator

https://youtu.be/PKqR9LciOcA Women of color have often been overlooked when it comes to documenting Alaska’s history. The "Extra Tough: Women of the North" exhibit highlights more...
A group of preschoolers sits in a circle singing Alutiiq songs.

A new generation of Alutiiq speakers fight language loss in Kodiak

Half of the people whose first language is Kodiak Alutiiq have died over the last few years. But that’s not stopping new speakers from learning Alutiiq and passing along a distinct culture and worldview to the next generations.

A new academy trains nurses in forensic evidence collection| Alaska Insight

When cases involving sexual assault or domestic violence go to court, thorough documentation of a victim’s personal account and physical injuries can mean the...

Healing together: Alaskans share experiences overcoming trauma

Here's how these Alaskans are confronting intergenerational traumas with different ways of healing.
Aerial image of Angoon, Alaska

Anxious for relief, rural municipalities navigate spending rules for CARES Act funds

Alaska communities have the freedom to decide how they want to spend coronavirus relief money, but following the federal guidelines hasn't been easy.
a house with an ATV parked out front in snowy and windy conditions

Home is home: finding a way to stay amid a housing shortage in rural Alaska

Overcrowding is a perennial problem in rural Alaska, but the Covid-19 pandemic has made living with it harder. Cramped conditions offer little space to work from home, conduct virtual schooling, or quarantine, and put many multigenerational households at increased risk of infection. Tackling the problem isn’t easy, but, as Erin McKinstry reports for Alaska Public Media, federal COVID funds are offering some relief in the Bering Straits Region.

Further Insight: Mahala Ashley Dickerson, part two

As part of Alaska Public Media’s celebration of Black History Month Alaska Insight highlighted the life of the late Mahala Ashley Dickerson, who was a pioneer of law in Alaska. Dickerson is best know for winning an equal pay case against the University of Alaska Anchorage in 1975.

New report shines light on Alaska’s missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls

https://youtu.be/XYizUj2PrYk Alaska Native women experience disproportionate levels of violence, but it’s difficult to know exactly how bad the problem is. Mistrust of the legal system...
A teacher in a gray sweater leans over to assist a student wearing a black shirt in an elementary school classroom.

Anchorage school communities grapple with potential closures

Birchwood ABC is one of Anchorage School District's top performing schools, but it's also one of six schools the district may close due to a budget deficit.

The Challenge of Teacher Retention in Alaska | Alaska Insight

Across the country, states, including Alaska have difficulty keeping good teachers, principals and superintendents in their positions. Especially in remote parts of the state....

Ancient tracks lead to better understanding of how Arctic dinos lived

This summer, three scientists ventured to the foot of the Aleutian Mountain range to collect evidence that dinosaurs once roamed the southern coast of the Alaska Peninsula. They hope to reconstruct the ancient ecosystem that allowed dinosaurs to thrive here for tens of thousands of years. 

For Alaska’s rural children, distance learning exposes gaps in internet equity

https://youtu.be/L_Z4Hm3JRX4 The new school year is underway in Alaska and the majority of the state's students are attending school online. While online education is a...
A teenager gets his first vaccine shot from a man with a red mask on

Pediatricians say misinformation is a barrier to kids getting vaccinated

In Alaska, only 25% of kids aged 5 to 11 have received at least one shot. Nationally, 31% have.

Retro Local: How an evolving justice system shaped public safety in Alaska

In Alaska, sky-high rates of domestic violence and sexual assault are closely connected with the state’s law enforcement and...