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Alaska’s Affordable Housing Crisis | Alaska Insight

Across Alaska, it’s a challenge to find affordable housing. Home building and vacancy rates are down, while rent, mortgage rates and home prices are up. The lack of affordable housing drives people into overcrowded homes and homelessness, or out of state. Some officials have begun referring to it as a housing crisis. On this episode of Alaska Insight, host Lori Townsend is joined by Anchorage Assembly Member Dr. Daniel Volland, and Nolan Klouda, Executive Director of the University of Alaska Center for Economic Development, to discuss the causes, and possible solutions, of Alaska's housing crunch.

Talk of Alaska: Pride Month and LGBTQ+ rights

More than 500 bills have been introduced nationwide this year that seek to limit the rights of LGBTQ+ individuals, including in Alaska. Despite these numbers, advocates in Alaska say there’s been good progress in defending those rights. But what exactly are they? And how are Alaskans celebrating Pride Month despite this national trend? We discuss proposed laws and regulations, and pride month celebrations on this Talk of Alaska.
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Supporting Alaska’s veterans | Alaska Insight

Helping veterans and active duty military members cope with service-related trauma to lead healthy, happy lives, takes normalizing the need for mental health care and connecting with people who know the struggle.

Veteran-run nonprofit uses therapeutic recreation to help other veterans

Alaska has one of the highest per-capita populations of retired military service members of any state in the country. There’s a lot of services out there for retired service members, but as Alaska Public Media’s Madilyn Rose reports, veterans in Alaska are one of their own greatest resources.

Alaska’s child care crisis | Alaska Insight

On this Alaska Insight, host Lori Townsend is joined by Sen. Löki Tobin and Stephanie Berglund, CEO of Thread Alaska, to discuss the scope and possible solutions to the child care crisis.

What’s next for Anchorage after its emergency homeless shelter closes? | Alaska Insight

On this episode of Alaska Insight, host Lori Townsend is joined by midtown assembly member Felix Rivera and Alexis Johnson, the housing and homelessness coordinator for the Bronson administration, to discuss the reasoning for shrinking the Sullivan, and the city's plan moving forward.

How do electric vehicles perform in Alaska? | Alaska Insight

n this Alaska Insight, host Lori Townsend is joined by Dimitri Shein, executive director of the Alaska Electric Vehicle Association, and Mark Henspetter, a business analyst with Chugach Electric, to discuss how EV's can work in Alaska.

Native designers blend ancient techniques with modern materials | Alaska Insight

On this Alaska Insight, host Lori Townsend is joined by Inupiaq fashion designer Jackie Qataliña Schaeffer, and Angelina Roehl, from Chugachmiut's heritage preservation program, to discuss how to preserve traditional culture and designs while incorporating modern elements.

How a longer growing season affects gardening | Alaska Insight

On this Alaska Insight, host Lori Townsend is joined by Anchorage horticulturist Debbie Hinchey and Will Criner, manager of gardens and facilities at the Alaska Botanical Garden to discuss what's new with growing and harvesting in your backyard.
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State senators share their thoughts on Alaska’s 2024 budget | Alaska Insight

Alaska Insight host Lori Townsend is joined by Senate President Gary Stevens, and Sen. Bill Wielechowski to discuss how to address the state's fiscal crisis.

Resources for aging Alaskans to stay in their home communities | Alaska Insight

On this episode of Alaska Insight, host Lori Townsend is joined by Teresa Holt, director of AARP Alaska, and Jacquie Braden, a community development program manager at RurAL CAP to discuss the challenges and resources available, for those looking to spend their golden years in their communities and lifelong homes.
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How understanding hibernation can help improve human medicine | Alaska Insight

On this episode of Alaska Insight, host Lori Townsend is joined by Dr. Kelly Drew and Dr. Oivind Toien, two researchers at the University of Fairbanks Alaska who are looking at the possible medical applications of understanding hibernation.
A map shows where ConocoPhillip's Willow oil project would be located -- on the eastern edge of the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska.

Alaska News Nightly: Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Alaska Native leaders rally in DC to support the Willow project. The VA secretary speaks to veterans in Bethel. Plus, get to know the rookie mushers in this year's Iditarod.
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Alaska News Nightly: Tuesday, February 28, 2023

The Anchorage Assembly says it's not ready to approve a settlement over a project it never approved. Concentrations of dangerous forever chemicals are higher than previously thought in some Anchorage and Fairbanks lakes. Plus, eyes are on the winner of last year's Iditarod as teams gear up for this year's race.
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Alaska News Nightly: Monday, February 27, 2023

Sen. Dan Sullivan says the U.S. isn’t sending weapons to Ukraine fast enough and the Anchorage Assembly considers offering parental leave to city employees.
Several old white men on wooden desks talk seriously.

Alaska News Nightly: Friday, February 24, 2023

A look at search and rescue needs as shipping traffic increases in the Arctic. Debate over a Board of Fisheries proposal that could limit a Gulf of Alaska salmon fishery. Plus the life of Elizabeth Kudrin, the great survivor.
Alaska Public Media News Director Lori Townsend sits at a table with Representative Mary Peltola.

A conversation with Alaska’s first Indigenous congresswoman, Mary Peltola | Alaska Insight

Congresswoman Mary Peltola made history in 2022 when she won both a special and regular election for Alaska's lone seat in the U.S. House.
Four women discussing ACLU of Alaska Prison Project with a banner behind them that has ACLU Alaska logo.

Alaska News Nightly: Thursday, February 23, 2023

The ACLU alleges the state isn't respecting early release dates for prisoner programs. The potential fallout from a lawsuit over access to abortion pills. Plus local communities want their voices heard when it comes to Arctic military expansion.
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Alaska News Nightly: Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Representative David Eastman is censured, again, for offensive comments. Coastal communities wonder what to expect as shipping increases in the Arctic. Plus Senator Lisa Murkowski pushes the state legislature for a more proactive approach.
A man uses a push shovel on the snow covered roof of a house.

Alaska News Nightly: Tuesday, February 21, 2023

After last week's fatal roof collapse in Anchorage, residents are wondering if they should shovel. The implications of a shipping boom in the Arctic. Plus, during a recent drug bust in Southeast, the drugs themselves were found in an usual package.