Madilyn Rose, Alaska Public Media - Anchorage


Alaska News Nightly: Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Alaska's northernmost community is seeing a bizarrely warm Winter. Congress extends a program helping survivors of domestic violence. And a Kenai man makes the top twenty in a national mullet contest.
A meeting body with 10 people sitting on the podium and about 100 people in the seats in front of them.

Alaska News Nightly: Monday, December 5, 2022

The Anchorage assembly considers approving a controversial housing development in Girdwood. Plus, Sitka residents looking for halibut find something very different instead. And you might want to hang on to your bear spray this Winter.

Alaska’s Role in the new US Arctic Strategy | Alaska Insight

Lori Townsend speaks with Ambassador David Balton, who helped craft the new US National Strategy for the Arctic Region, and Liz Qualluq Cravalho of the United States Arctic Research Commission, about the ways the plan could impact Alaska's future.
Inside the permafrost tunnel, a walkway that is framed on all sides by frozen dirt, two people wearing hard hats examine ice formations.

White House officials are working directly with Alaskans on the issues around climate change

As national interest in the Arctic grows, White House officials visit Alaska to learn more about the issues Alaskans endure in the face of climate change.