A man in a dark green jacket sits on a cot alone inside a building that has been converted into a shelter.

A look at Anchorage’s emergency cold weather shelter plan

Anchorage opened a 150-bed cold-weather shelter on Oct. 31. But less than a month into winter shelter season, it has a 1,000-person waitlist.
A man with a newborn and other children.

Training child care providers in Southeast Alaska

Quality child care is in limited supply across Alaska, but especially so in rural parts of the state.

A traditional Unangax̂ boat sails for the first time in over 200 years

https://youtu.be/_Ka9-tBUweg It’s been about 200 years since Russian colonizers demolished the last remaining examples of large Unangax̂ boats called a niĝilax̂. The wooden framed boats...

How Port Lions is increasing local food production

https://youtu.be/2mEWnN1uRKM A local food hub has spouted Port Lions on Kodiak Island, bringing with it increased food security. The archipelago is now home to six...

Walking through the Port of Alaska’s modernization plans

https://youtu.be/U7W2I6lrVs8 The Port of Alaska escaped the devastating 1964 earthquake relatively unscathed, which left it poised to take up much of the state’s cargo traffic...
home builders

Does Alaska have an affordable housing crisis?

Across the state, homebuilding and vacancy rates are down. Rent, mortgage rates and home prices are up.

Veteran-run nonprofit uses therapeutic recreation to help other veterans

Alaska has one of the highest per-capita populations of retired military service members of any state in the country. There’s a lot of services out there for retired service members, but as Alaska Public Media’s Madilyn Rose reports, veterans in Alaska are one of their own greatest resources.

One Alaskan’s experience with electric vehicles

Outside of the Alaska State Capitol

An update on Alaska’s legislative session

As with many recent sessions, discussions largely center on the state’s finances, while a number of social issues have come up as well.
A group of elders participate in an exercise class in an indoor pool.

For older Alaskans, exercise classes build community

Many older Alaskans are building community, battling isolation and staying healthy in exercise classes.
Duke Russell by his Subaru

Duke Russell couldn’t keep walking away from Anchorage’s neediest people. Now he’s feeding hundreds a day.

“Once you see stuff happen, you just can’t walk away anymore, you know?” the Spenard artist said.
A view of 4th Ave in Anchorage from a rooftop.

2022 Destination Assessment proposes ways to make Anchorage more appealing

Destination development consultant Roger Brooks presented eight initiatives on how to make Anchorage more appealing to visitors and residents.
A burning piece of cardboard is placed into a large furnace

New biomass furnace saves money and fossil fuel in Ambler, Alaska

The installation of a biomass furnace system in Ambler, a rural village off the road system, is set to save the community more than $50,000 a year.
Inside the permafrost tunnel, a walkway that is framed on all sides by frozen dirt, two people wearing hard hats examine ice formations.

White House officials are working directly with Alaskans on the issues around climate change

As national interest in the Arctic grows, White House officials visit Alaska to learn more about the issues Alaskans endure in the face of climate change.
A teacher in a gray sweater leans over to assist a student wearing a black shirt in an elementary school classroom.

Anchorage school communities grapple with potential closures

Birchwood ABC is one of Anchorage School District's top performing schools, but it's also one of six schools the district may close due to a budget deficit.
A group of preschoolers sits in a circle singing Alutiiq songs.

A new generation of Alutiiq speakers fight language loss in Kodiak

Half of the people whose first language is Kodiak Alutiiq have died over the last few years. But that’s not stopping new speakers from learning Alutiiq and passing along a distinct culture and worldview to the next generations.
A 50th anniversary copy of the Alaska State Constitution sits on the top of a table.

What you need to know about the constitutional convention question

Questions about the permanent fund dividend, Alaska’s fiscal woes, and abortion access have some advocating to vote "yes" on the once a decade ballot question: "Shall there be a Constitutional Convention?"
sign wrote in foreign language

Escaping conflict abroad, arrivals in Alaska seek stability and opportunity

https://youtu.be/bItA0ChP5yw War and political upheaval are driving a major increase in the number of refugees and other immigrants arriving in Alaska from overseas. Whatever the...