Liz Ruskin, Alaska Public Media

Liz Ruskin, Alaska Public Media
Liz Ruskin is the Washington, D.C., correspondent at Alaska Public Media. Reach her at Read more about Liz here.
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Coalition of labor and Alaska Native leaders throws its weight behind Peltola

Alaska Jobs Coalition announced a $500,000 ad campaign. It's an independent expenditure group and doesn't have to disclose its donors.
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Trump announces his pick in Alaska’s U.S. House race: Dahlstrom

The former president chose Alaska's lieutenant governor over fellow Republican Nick Begich. Trump claims Begich has "Democrat tendencies."
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Murkowski votes with Democrats on IVF bill. Sullivan joins most GOP senators to block it.

Alaska's senators say they support the reproductive technology, but they split on a Democratic "show us who you are" vote.
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Environmental groups ask feds to reconsider the trans-Alaska pipeline and plan for its removal

Petitioners say the climate impact of oil merits another look at the pipeline that transformed Alaska. Gov. Dunleavy responded with derision.
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Sponsors of petition to repeal Alaska’s ranked choice voting score a partial win in court

A lawsuit claims repeal petition sponsors made serious mistakes when they gathered signatures. Part of the case is still pending.
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Murkowski votes to advance Democrats’ ‘messaging’ bill on contraception rights

Only two Republicans crossed the aisle. Sen. Dan Sullivan didn't vote on the birth control bill, which is now stalled.
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At Senate hearing, Murkowski reaffirms support for abortion rights

Alaska's senior senator doesn't always vote as abortion advocates would like. Democrats are raising the issue as an election strategy.
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Pro-Dahlstrom PAC announces $5M ad buy in Alaska’s U.S. House race

A PAC linked to House Speaker Johnson is planning to run ads in Alaska's three largest cities. A dozen candidates are in the race.
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Peltola sponsors a bill to limit salmon bycatch. The pollock industry calls it ‘unworkable.’

The bill would restrict bottom trawling. Another would boost grants for research. But Peltola acknowledges Congress is unlikely to pass them.
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Meet Scott Kendall, father of Alaska’s ranked choice voting and lightning rod for the right

Kendall also filed a lawsuit challenging the homeschool reimbursement program. He draws a lot of right-wing ire.

Peltola defies party with votes on border enforcement and arms for Israel

Alaska's congresswoman voted with Republicans on border bills and to prevent the Biden administration from halting aid to Israel.
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Alaska U.S. House candidate Begich gets Freedom Fund endorsement

Nick Begich III gained the endorsement of the House Freedom Fund. He says he's not sure he'd join the hard-right caucus if elected.
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The U.S. was supposed to get keys to a new heavy icebreaker this year. Instead, construction is years late as costs soar.

The cost to build three Coast Guard icebreakers is 250% higher than initially projected. The first cutter is delayed until at least 2029.
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Peltola reverts to pro-fish stance with a new anti-Pebble Mine bill and a surprise vote on Alaska drilling 

She voted “present” on a bill she co-sponsored, illustrating the difficult line she walks as a pro-subsistence, pro-energy Democrat.
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Alaska Rep. Peltola stuns home region by defending Donlin gold mine, a project she used to oppose

Democrat Mary Peltola joined Alaska's U.S. senators on a legal brief defending the mine in a lawsuit brought by Kuskokwim tribes.
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Begich makes a pledge: He’ll drop out of Alaska’s U.S. House race if Dahlstrom bests him in primary.

Begich says if other GOP candidates do the same, it would allow conservative voters to unite behind one candidate. Another solution: Ranking.
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Murkowski and Sullivan rail at federal moves to block Ambler Road and preserve parts of NPR-A

Two land-use decisions expected from the Biden administration this week have Alaska's U.S. senators fuming.
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Army Corps of Engineers affirms denial of permit for Pebble Mine

It's another in a long string of rulings against the project. Still, opponents of the mine say their fight isn't over.

Rep. Peltola’s fundraising haul so far this year: $1.7M

Alaska Congresswoman Mary Peltola has far outraised her Republican rivals. Nancy Dahlstrom got a boost from GOP leaders in the U.S. House.
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Alaska senators split on Mayorkas impeachment. Murkowski leery of wasting Senate time on ‘messaging.’

Alaska's U.S. senators are split on the impeachment of the DHS secretary. Dan Sullivan wants a Senate trial. Lisa Murkowski doesn't.