Anchorage volunteer lobbyist fights for public education

The word 'lobbyist' is often paired with 'fat-cat'. But here in Alaska, it's not just the paid lobbyists who...

One Alaskan’s experience with electric vehicles
A person holding a silver vape pen

How vape shop owners are responding to the rise of e-cigarette use among teens | Alaska Insight

While the youth tobacco rate has declined, one in four teenagers are now ingesting nicotine through a new, stylish product. E-cigarettes, or vapes, are...

Teens in the Matanuska-Susitna Borough learn about food sovereignty through ice fishing

The food Alaskans eat often travels thousands of miles by barge or truck. But an after-school program aims to give students the skills to fish
A group of preschoolers sits in a circle singing Alutiiq songs.

A new generation of Alutiiq speakers fight language loss in Kodiak

Half of the people whose first language is Kodiak Alutiiq have died over the last few years. But that’s not stopping new speakers from learning Alutiiq and passing along a distinct culture and worldview to the next generations.

A new generation of women in the trades are being trained in Anchorage | Alaska Insight

When you picture a carpenter, a man likely comes to mind. But women are increasingly attracted to the field’s high wages and the opportunity...
Exterior image of the Anchorage Pioneer Home.

New facility aims to improve options for Alaskans with memory loss Caring for someone with memory loss can be exhausting both physically and emotionally. The number of people with Alzheimer’s or dementia in Alaska is...

What is Ballot Measure 2 proposing to change about Alaska’s voting process? Candidates aren't the only boxes on the ballot come November 4th. Ballot measure 2 seeks to shift elections from primaries to ranked choice voting,...
A man in a dark green jacket sits on a cot alone inside a building that has been converted into a shelter.

A look at Anchorage’s emergency cold weather shelter plan

Anchorage opened a 150-bed cold-weather shelter on Oct. 31. But less than a month into winter shelter season, it has a 1,000-person waitlist.
A woman reporter stands in front of a graph of Alaska.

2020 Census: How has Alaska’s population changed in the last decade?

The results of the 2020 U.S. Census paint a picture of shifting demographics throughout the nation and in Alaska. Alaska Public Media’s Adelyn Baxter breaks down the data.
An empty downtown Skagway, Alaska in a summer of no tourism.

The summer that wasn’t; Skagway businesses struggle to survive a season of no tourism In Southeast Alaska, tourism drives the summer economy. In Skagway, it’s critical. But this year, COVID-19 means tourists are mostly non-existent in the town...

Veteran-run nonprofit uses therapeutic recreation to help other veterans

Alaska has one of the highest per-capita populations of retired military service members of any state in the country. There’s a lot of services out there for retired service members, but as Alaska Public Media’s Madilyn Rose reports, veterans in Alaska are one of their own greatest resources.
Outside of the Alaska State Capitol

An update on Alaska’s legislative session

As with many recent sessions, discussions largely center on the state’s finances, while a number of social issues have come up as well.

New report shines light on Alaska’s missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls Alaska Native women experience disproportionate levels of violence, but it’s difficult to know exactly how bad the problem is. Mistrust of the legal system...

Metlakatla adapts to drought with grassroots conservation efforts

When you think of extremely dry conditions, California wildfires probably come to mind. But in 2018, some parts of...

Remembering Alaskan Thelma Buchholdt, the nation’s first Philippine-born woman legislator Women of color have often been overlooked when it comes to documenting Alaska’s history. The "Extra Tough: Women of the North" exhibit highlights more...

The Challenge of Teacher Retention in Alaska | Alaska Insight

Across the country, states, including Alaska have difficulty keeping good teachers, principals and superintendents in their positions. Especially in remote parts of the state....

Cleaning up Unalaska’s former military sites

The military has left a large footprint on Alaska. Much of it dating to World War II. But what happens after the military leaves a region?

Healing together: Alaskans share experiences overcoming trauma

Here's how these Alaskans are confronting intergenerational traumas with different ways of healing.
Inside the permafrost tunnel, a walkway that is framed on all sides by frozen dirt, two people wearing hard hats examine ice formations.

White House officials are working directly with Alaskans on the issues around climate change

As national interest in the Arctic grows, White House officials visit Alaska to learn more about the issues Alaskans endure in the face of climate change.