Erin McKinstry, Alaska Public Media - Anchorage

Erin McKinstry, Alaska Public Media - Anchorage
Erin McKinstry is Alaska Public Media's 2018 summer intern. She has an M.A. from the University of Missouri's School of Journalism and a B.A. from Knox College. She's reported stories for The Trace, The Midwest Center for Investigative Reporting, Harvest Public Media, the IRE Radio Podcast, KBIA and The Columbia Missourian.

With no ferry service this winter, Cordova’s economy feels the pinch

The last mainline ferry broke down last week, leaving travelers stranded. For many communities, including Cordova, the ferry is their only link to the state’s road system beyond flights.

Community Gardening in Anaktuvuk Pass

When most people think of the Arctic, agriculture isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. But north of the Arctic Circle in the tiny village of Anaktuvuk Pass,...
Rainey Hopson 2

In Anaktuvuk Pass, a gardener brings new life to ancient foods with Arctic agriculture

Getting started wasn’t easy. Hopson spent time in Northern California when she was young, working in her grandmother’s garden. But when she applied that knowledge in the Arctic, it failed first.

49 Voices: Stephanie Sever of McCarthy

This week we're hearing from Stephanie Sever in McCarthy. Seber is a massage therapist who moved to McCarthy in 2009 from Colorado. Listen now

Future uncertain for crumbling historic buildings in Anchorage

The Government Hill Wireless Station played an essential role in Alaska's history. The Station used to connect Anchor age with the rest of the world. But now, it's just three dilapidated buildings sitting in an overgrown lot surrounded by suburban homes. Listen now

Academic merit prioritized over financial need in state higher education programs

Alaska has the lowest proportion of students from low-income families attending university in the country. There is a state-run grant program designed to help more low-income Alaskans afford college. But it only receives half as much money as the state's merit-based program. Listen now

Multi-state salmonella outbreak linked to the drug Kratom

A multi-state salmonella outbreak that impacted Alaska has been linked to an alternative medicine. Listen now

Alaska crime up 6 percent, officials say

Across Alaska, crime is up. That's according to data released today by the Department of Public Safety comparing 2017 to 2016. In its Uniform Crime Report, the department said that statewide, crime rose by 6 percent last year. Listen now

Kunniak’s Spices brings new flavors to Native dishes

One way to make money in a slow economy is to fill a gap in the market. But a local spice blend company is doing more than building bank accounts--it's also connecting people with Native dishes in a new way. Kunniak's Spices pairs flavors like lemon, garlic and ghost pepper with Alaska Native dishes like Maktak.

Is swimming in Anchorage’s waterways safe?

When it gets hot in Anchorage, some people cool off with a swim or a float down the city's creeks and streams. But is that safe? DEC data show that for almost all of the city's creeks and streams levels of fecal coliform bacteria are higher than the safety standards for drinking, swimming or even secondary activities like rafting and kayaking. Listen now

Charges pending for three Katmai visitors who approached feeding brown bears

Three visitors to Katmai National Park could face charges after approaching brown bears feeding on salmon Thursday evening. Listen now

Could industrial hemp become the next big crop for Alaska?

Marijuana and hemp are technically the same plant: cannabis sativa. So it's surprising that as Alaska’s recreational marijuana industry has bloomed, growing hemp remains illegal. But that could change by 2019. Listen now

Governor Walker signs bill increasing medical cost transparency, access to health services

A new Alaska law aims to increase transparency about medical costs and expand access to behavioral health services. Listen now

49 Voices: Tom Huddleston of Copper Center

This week we're hearing from Tom Huddleston in Copper Center. Huddleston owns and operates the Copper Center lodge, which has been in his family for 70 years since they bought it from the Mt. Edgecumbe school. Listen now

Ernie Turner Center finds new home near Eklutna

A packed house filled Cook Inlet Tribal Council’s new Ernie Turner Center for the ribbon cutting ceremony. The traditional winter homes of the Dena’ina people inspired the design for the open, two-story space, which sits on a six-acre lot. But the services there will be available to both Alaska Natives and other Alaskans. Listen now
A red trash truck next to a pink trash can on an overcast day

Pink trash cans bring curbside composting to Anchorage

Pink refuse bins have made an appearance in Anchorage this summer, but they're not for trash. They're part of Solid Waste Services' curbside pick-up program for compost. Listen now

Here’s what you need to know before voting in the August primary

Voting may seem simple enough. You head to your precinct, fill out your ballot and feed it through a machine, but the scenarios election workers face at the polls can get a lot more complicated. Alaska Public Media headed to a poll worker training in Anchorage to learn the ins and outs of voting in Alaska ahead of the August primary. Listen now

New farm bill program aims to help food insecurity in Alaska

Around one in eight Alaskans have wondered at some point in the last year where their next meal will come from, according to the USDA. In some parts of rural Alaska, rates of food insecurity are as high as 27 percent. Senator Lisa Murkowski added a grant program to the Senate farm bill that aims, in its own small way, to help. Listen now

Solarize Anchorage spreads solar across Airport Heights neighborhood

The U.S. is set to reach two million solar panel installations by the end of this year. It took 30 years to reach the first million and just two to add a million more. That’s partly because solar panels have gotten a lot cheaper and more efficient in the last few years. Solarize Anchorage is working to bring that trend to Alaska. Listen now

Public comment period extended for proposed change to National Park Service bear baiting regulation

The National Park Service could once again allow controversial techniques like bear baiting on certain public lands. They announced Wednesday that they're extending the public comment period partly because of high public interest in the proposed change. Listen now