Liz Ruskin, Alaska Public Media

Liz Ruskin, Alaska Public Media
Liz Ruskin is the Washington, D.C., correspondent at Alaska Public Media. Reach her at Read more about Liz here.
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Murkowski and Sullivan rail at federal moves to block Ambler Road and preserve parts of NPR-A

Two land-use decisions expected from the Biden administration this week have Alaska's U.S. senators fuming.
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Army Corps of Engineers affirms denial of permit for Pebble Mine

It's another in a long string of rulings against the project. Still, opponents of the mine say their fight isn't over.

Rep. Peltola’s fundraising haul so far this year: $1.7M

Alaska Congresswoman Mary Peltola has far outraised her Republican rivals. Nancy Dahlstrom got a boost from GOP leaders in the U.S. House.
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Alaska senators split on Mayorkas impeachment. Murkowski leery of wasting Senate time on ‘messaging.’

Alaska's U.S. senators are split on the impeachment of the DHS secretary. Dan Sullivan wants a Senate trial. Lisa Murkowski doesn't.
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Murkowski insists ‘I’m in the right place,’ despite rift with Trump

"I know what I am," Sen. Lisa Murkowski said, referencing her GOP roots. "And I know where I fit within my conference."
Areas under tsunami warning

Tsunami program that informs Alaskans of the danger is itself at risk

It funds maps, sirens and education. "Losing this program, really, at the end of the day could mean deaths in Alaska," says a state official.
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Air Force to send ‘Arctic Pay’ to most of its Alaska-based service members

JBER airmen can get a lump-sum payment of $1,000, or $2,000 if they have families. The bonus is double for those at Eielson.
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Federal discount on broadband is ending for 25,000 Alaska families

A subsidy helping low-income families afford broadband is running out of money. The Biden administration wants Congress to keep it going.
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Judge rules for the feds in a lawsuit against the state of Alaska over subsistence fishing rights

The state can’t allow salmon fishing on a long stretch of the Kuskokwim River if their orders conflict with federal management decisions, the judge ruled.

Peltola’s votes show she’s one of the least loyal Democrats in the U.S. House

Alaska’s congresswoman votes against her party at twice the average rate, mostly on energy and immigration measures.

Congress bought a stopgap icebreaker for the Arctic, but its $1.2 trillion bill has no money to build a new one

The bill has $125 million to buy a ship that Shell used in its ill-fated Arctic drilling venture. The Coast Guard plans to base it in Juneau.

Alaska senator takes aim at regulation that would slash tailpipe emissions and boost electric car sales

Sen. Sullivan says Biden wants to "force people to buy certain cars." He says he'll try to overturn the rule.
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Alaskan nominee for Arctic ambassador clears U.S. Senate panel

Michael Sfraga, of Fairbanks, is a step closer to Senate confirmation. He would be the nation's first Arctic ambassador.
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Murkowski’s new chief of staff knows the Senate, and rural Alaska

Garrett Boyle left the Denali Commission for the post. A prior chief says the job entails deep dives on dilemmas the senator faces.
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Why the U.S. still has no Arctic ambassador, a year after this Alaskan was nominated for the job

Republicans on a Senate panel accuse Michael Sfraga of being too close to Russia and China.

Poll shows Peltola is well known and liked but that Begich is just as likely to win Alaska’s seat in Congress

Data for Progress found Mary Peltola would win the first round, but Nick Begich would pull even after ranked choices are counted.

Alaska Republicans help fuel Trump’s juggernaut. This GOP consultant thinks they’ve lost their minds.

Alaska GOP voters chose Trump by a huge margin. Art Hackney, a stalwart in Republican circles, has theory to explain it.
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Alaska Republicans choose Trump over Haley by huge margins

Donald Trump won about 88% of the vote. All of Alaska's 29 delegates to the national GOP convention will be his, If preliminary result hold.
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Trump or Haley? Alaska Republicans vote Tuesday

The GOP Presidential Preference Poll will determine how Alaska's 29 delegates to the national convention are awarded.
sign posted on green grass says "sign here" and says ranked choice voting "get rid of it"

Anti-ranked choice voting initiative clears first hurdle on way to November ballot

The state Division of Elections is working to verify signatures for the anti-RCV initiative, as well as one to increase the state's minimum wage.