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Unalaska's library
Unalaska residents check out the renovated Unalaska library’s stacks. (Laura Kraegel/KUCB)

Alaskans like to pack in as much fun as possible during our gloriously long summer days and extended bouts of backyard, beach, boat and campsite time is made all the better when you have a great book to relax with. Readers know how books create magical doorways into other worlds and other worldviews that enhance your imagination in ways that scrolling online will never match. If you want to stick to home grown books, Alaska has many great authors and a wide range of selections from thrillers to romance to science. On this Talk of Alaska, we revisit our 2023 conversation with Alaskan authors and librarians to discuss book recommendations for Summer reading.

Note: This episode is a rebroadcast of a previous episode.


HOST: Lori Townsend



Authors and books mentioned during this show (plus a few extras):


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