Watch the debate on whether Alaska should hold a constitutional convention

Alaska’s state constitution was ratified in 1956. While the document has been amended numerous times since then, it has never been revisited in its entirety. That could change if voters approve a ballot measure this November asking whether Alaska should revisit its constitution by holding a convention with elected delegates. Whether or not the measure passes could have a major impact on the state’s political future.

The in-person live debate was being held at Wendy Williamson Auditorium in Anchorage, Alaska, between advocates on both sides of the issue. Moderated by veteran journalist Lori Townsend, the debate includes questions from a panel of reporters from Alaska Public Media, Alaska Beacon and Anchorage Daily News. Debating is Bob Bird (pro-convention), Loren Leman (pro-convention), Joelle Hall (anti-convention) and Matt Shuckerow (anti-convention).

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