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Two teen girls and an adult man sit at a radio studio table.
Asher Farrally (left) and JJ Hanley (right) are teen ambassadors for Anchorage Youth Speak Out: Conversations About Underage Drinking. They were joined by VOA Alaska Coalition Coordinator Aaron Osterback (center) on Hometown, Alaska to discuss teen drinking with host Anne Hillman (not pictured). (Ammon Swenson/Alaska Public Media)

Some young people drink alcohol. Others don’t. It’s pretty obvious on the surface, but the decision making around drinking can be complicated. Many people and experiences shape if and when we decide to drink, and talking about those influences can be hard. On this episode of Hometown, Alaska we talk to young people and some adults who support them about alcohol use and how to talk about it.

Anchorage Youth Speak Out: Conversations About Underage Drinking
Wednesday, April 24, 6:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.
BP Energy Center or virtually

HOST: Anne Hillman

Aaron Osterback, Volunteers of America-Alaska, coalition coordinator
Asher Farrally, youth speaker
JJ Hanley, youth speaker

VOA Alaska website

Anne Hillman is the healthy communities editor at Alaska Public Media and a host of Hometown, Alaska. Reach her at Read more about Anne here.

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