LISTEN: Hear from Anchorage teens about how COVID-19 has impacted them

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Try to imagine, for a minute, being in High School again. The time in your
life when you were exploring the bigger world, making plans for college,
and when your friends were more influential and important than even your
own family. Then imagine, that it all gets taken away. Suddenly you can’t
go to school, all social contact stops, you can’t see your friends, all
extracurricular activities are suspended, and now you are stuck at home
with your parents and siblings 24/7. How would you stay connected to
friends and engaged in school? What impact would it have on your
emotional and physical health? And, what about all the missed experiences
like dances and graduation is exactly what is happening, right now, for
teens all over the world.

HOST: Prentiss Pemberton

  • Abby Laufer-ASD High School Student
  • Claire Rhyneer-ASD High School Student


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