Restorative Justice: Past and Present | Alaska Insight

The word justice may signal a thought of punishment for a crime. But restorative justice tries to correct behavior by repairing the harm and rebuilding relationships to bring the offender back into good standing in their community.

In this edition of Alaska Insight, Lori Townsend speaks with Heidi Redick, Deputy Director of Operations for the Division of Juvenile Justice at the Department of Health and Social Services, and Evelyn Huf, Chief Tribal Judge for the Kenaitze Indian Tribe about whether restorative justice helps reduce crime and recidivism. This episode also features a special report from Alaska Public Media’s Kirsten Swann and Joey Mendolia for Retro Local as part of our collaboration with Retro Report, a new series airing on PBS nationwide.

The topic of restorative justice was also discussed with statewide callers on Talk of Alaska. Listen to that show here.

Lori Townsend is the news director and senior host for Alaska Public Media. You can send her news tips and program ideas for Talk of Alaska and Alaska Insight at or call 907-550-8452.

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