‘After divorce’ — Parental alienation

Matthew Sullivan, Ph.D.
Matthew Sullivan, Ph.D.

There are few things worse than the rejection and hatred a parent feels from a child who has been turned against them. Parental alienation occurs when a child turns against a loving parent for reasons that are irrational and based primarily on the feelings the “alienating parent” has for the targeted parent. Signs of parental alienation include: A campaign of denigration against the targeted parent, the child’s lack of ambivalence toward the targeted parent, frivolous rationalizations for the child’s criticisms, reflexive support of the alienating parent, the support of the alienating parent against the target parent, the child’s lack of guilt over their exploitation and mistreatment of the targeted parent, made up or twisted scenarios from the past, and the spread of the child’s animosity to the target parent’s extended family or friends.

Please join host Prentiss Pemberton and his guest, Dr. Matthew Sullivan, Ph.D., for a discussion about divorce and the devastation that occurs when children are caught in the crossfire of a high-conflict divorce.

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  • Dr. Matthew Sullivan, clinical psychologist, Ph.D.



Dr. Sullivan’s clinical psychology website

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Overcoming Barriers — Family-Centered Programs for Families in Conflict


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