How Viruses Jump from One Species to Another

Viruses in plush form, from left to right, influenza, herpes, T4 and ebola.
Viruses in plush form, from left to right, influenza, herpes, T4 and ebola.

Ebola. SARS. MERS. HIV. These are just a few diseases caused by viruses jumping from one species into another. How do viruses move from species to another? Why does this happen? Why does it seem to be happening more in the last 10 years? And why do so many of these viruses seem to come from bats? University of Alaska Anchorage professor Meg Howard answers these and many other questions about host-jumping viruses and bats in Alaska.

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  • Dr. Megan Howard, assistant professor of biological sciences, University of Alaska Anchorage. Slides from Dr. Howard’s presentation can be viewed here.


BROADCAST ON KSKA: Tuesday, January 27, 2015 at 2:00 p.m. (Alaska time)

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