Indie Alaska: The Ski Train

The Ski Train is an springtime tradition in Alaska, and one of the biggest parts of the experience is the roving polka band, the Alaska Blaskapelle.

In this edition of INDIE ALASKA we take a look at the whole experience, and get a look at a few of the characters from the band.

INDIE ALASKA is an original video series produced by Alaska Public Media in partnership with PBS Digital Studios.

The weekly videos will capture the diverse and colorful lifestyles of everyday Alaskans at work and at play. Together, these videos will present a fresh and authentic look at living in Alaska.

Slavik Boyechko
Travis Gilmour

Slavik Boyechko

Production assistance:
Nicole Luchaco

Alaska Blaskapelle
Starship Amazing

Alaska Blaskapelle
Nordic Skiing Association of Anchorage
Alaska Railroad

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