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Molly Virtual Family Engagement

The Molly of Denali Family & Community Learning (FCL) experience is a series of three workshops that engage families in active, hands-on learning with the PBS KIDS program Molly of Denali. These workshops are designed for families with kids ages 4-8. As a multi-generational learning experience, all members of a family are welcome, including grandparents and younger or older siblings. The workshops use creative play and exploration to introduce kids and grown-ups to digital and tangible tools that can be used to develop knowledge, practices and perspectives. The learning focus for this workshop series is about literacy and informational text—text whose main purpose is to convey information.

The workshops foster learning goals for informational text through:
• Active video viewing and discussions
• Collaborative, hands on activities
• Engagement with, and creation of, a variety of informational texts
• Digital game play

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Video: Suki’s Bone

Video: Learning About Animals

Game: Fish Camp

molly fish camp

Video: Fiddle of Nowhere

Video: Exploring your Community

Game: Trading Post

molly trading post
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Video: New Nivagi

Video: Celebrating Family Traditions

Game: Beading Art

molly beading art game

Video: Tooey’s Hero

Game: Dog Sled Dash

sled dog dash game

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