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Alaska, Interrupted, Episode 5: Prom. Is. Canceled.

In this Alaska, Interrupted episode, we hear from two high school students about what it's like to be stuck at home without classes or classmates.

Alaska, Interrupted, Episode 4: From the yurt

This week's Alaska, Interrupted episode features the state's chief medical officer, Dr. Anne Zink, who’s the closest thing Alaska has to a pandemic folk hero.

Alaska, Interrupted, Episode 3: Goodbye letters

This week on Alaska, Interrupted: Miriam Aarons was taking serious precautions against COVID-19, wiping down grocery deliveries and only handling mail with gloves. When she tested positive nonetheless, she faced some dark moments, drafting goodbye letters to her children -- but she pulled through with help from her father, a retired doctor.

Alaska, Interrupted: Life on lockdown, with kids and a job

Julia O’Malley is holding down her high-pressure job as an editor at Alaska’s Energy Desk, while stuck in her house with her two young boys. And while dealing with all the anxiety that comes with a global pandemic.

Hear how Alaskans are coping with coronavirus on our new podcast, Alaska Interrupted

In Alaska Interrupted, we hope to share the stories of regular people and offer listeners a measure of solidarity during a tough, lonely time.