Anchorage mayoral runoff election: Q&As with Dave Bronson and Suzanne LaFrance

headshots of a man and a woman
Incumbent Anchorage Mayor Dave Bronson and former Anchorage Assembly chair Suzanne LaFrance have advanced to the city’s mayoral runoff. The last day to vote is May 14. (Matt Faubion/Alaska Public Media)

Alaska Public Media collaborated with the Anchorage Daily News on a candidate comparison guide for the mayoral runoff in Anchorage’s 2024 city election.

The questions were developed with input from Anchorage voters. This guide allows voters to compare candidates side-by-side on specific questions and issues. We edited candidates’ responses lightly for things like punctuation and spelling, but otherwise let their answers stand. We think it’s important for voters to see the full responses in order to make their own judgments on how to cast their ballots.

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