State of Art: Artist Indra Arriaga Delgado releases new book examining decolonization, identity and language

Indra Arriaga Delgado (left) poses with choir Metztonalli from Zongolica, Mexico outside the El Calvario church, after recording a song. (Courtesy of Indra Arriaga Delgado)

Indra Arriaga Delgado’s talents can be difficult to describe. Among other things, she’s an artist, writer, filmmaker and researcher. Originally from Veracruz, Mexico her new book “Opaque Etymologies: Fifteen Moons” examines decolonization, identity, and language through art, poetry and other media. She says the project required five years of work, three languages across two countries and the collaboration of more than 30 individuals. On this episode of State of Art, we hear from her to find out more about the book and we meet artist Diane Dunn who has an exhibition at the International Gallery of Contemporary Art called “2000 Journals: Filling the Void.”

Indra Arriaga Delgado’s website
Dian Dunn’s website

Prints from “Opaque Etymologies: Fifteen Moons” by Indra Arriaga Delgado

Photos from “2000 Journals: Filling the Void”

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