State of Art: Trading bindings for guitar straps

Musician and former pro snowboarder Gus Engle recently released his second album “Dungeon Master” under the name Gus Englehorn. (Ariane Moisan)

Gus Engle knew his professional snowboarding career wouldn’t last forever. When he had free time from traveling and riding, Engle would hide away in his room plucking at a guitar, figuring out what came next.

His clips were arguably some of the most fun and interesting to watch because of his creative thinking and physical ability, but while the industry changed around him and social media became more important, he didn’t even own a phone.

The 35-year-old former Anchorage resident didn’t go riding once this last year — a first since he was 8 and a symptom of living in Eastern Canada. He’s been busy writing and recording music, though, and recently completed a small European tour.

He performs under the name Gus Englehorn alongside his wife Estée Preda and their second album “Dungeon Master” was released by Montreal-based label Secret City Records. It’s a minimal mix of gritty bedroom rock and pop that gives a small look into some of his unique weirdness.

“I guess I was just interested in snowboarding for the creative possibilities and I guess that’s the same thing with music,” Engle said.

On this week’s State of Art we learn about Engle’s transition to musician, the new album, and how he approaches songwriting versus snowboarding.

Listen HERE:

Secret City Records


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