Ravn postpones Unalaska community meeting to focus on ‘A’ season travel

Ravn has postponed a community meeting it had planned to hold in Unalaska in early December to focus on travel arrangements for the upcoming peak travel period of the winter fishing season. (Photo by Laura Kraegel/KUCB)

Ravn Air Group has postponed a community meeting it was set to hold in Unalaska this month.

Ravn and Alaska Airlines had been planning to hold a public meeting on the island in early December amid intense community criticism over their handling of air service in the wake of October’s fatal plane crash.

But according to a press release from the City of Unalaska, Ravn’s community meeting will now be postponed while the airline focuses on travel arrangements for the upcoming peak travel period of the winter fishing season. 

“Ravn’s Community Meeting originally conceived to take place in December will be postponed while Ravn focuses on travel arrangements for the upcoming A Season,” said the city’s press release. 

In a statement to KUCB, a Ravn spokesperson said a community meeting has not yet been scheduled.

“Instead, Ravn and City Officials agreed to hold discussions in Unalaska with City officials and leaders of other key organizations there,” said the statement. 

According to City Manager Erin Reinders, the airline plans to meet with local officials as well as other organizations and seafood companies in the next two weeks, although a date has not yet been finalized.

“It looks like we’re focusing in on the week of December 16, but I don’t have anything nailed down,” Reinders said. “But that was what was indicated to me about when they’d be coming out.”

The airline said in its statement once it has finished upcoming leadership meetings, officials will set a date for a meeting with the community.

Reinders said Ravn has indicated they will “attempt” to provide answers to KUCB in an effort to continue to provide information to the community. Neither Ravn nor Alaska Airlines spokespeople have responded to KUCB’s requests for further information and interviews.

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