Alaska News Nightly: Thursday, Oct. 24, 2019

Utqiagvik, Alaska (File photo by Steven Kazlowsk)

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Thursday on Alaska News Nightly:

With winter closing in, whalers in Utqiaġvik haven’t landed a single bowhead whale. Also: Unalaska residents brace for at least another 10 days with no scheduled air service. For one mom,that means being separated from her kids.

Reports tonight from:

  • Andrew Kitchenman in Juneau
  • Nat Herz in Anchorage
  • Laura Kraegel in Unalaska
  • Elizabeth Jenkins in Juneau
  • Tim Ellis in Fairbanks
  • Renee Gross in Homer
  • Eric Stone in Ketchikan

Kirsten Swann is a producer and reporter for Alaska Public Media.

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