It’s finally going to rain in Southcentral Alaska

Southcentral Alaska has barely had any measurable precipitation since the beginning of June. That has led to unprecedented extreme drought conditions. But, according to the National Weather Service, residents may finally get at least a little relief. Two low pressure systems are headed toward Anchorage in the coming week.

The first will move through early in the weekend, said Anchorage meteorologist Benjamin Bartos.

“So we’ll see some areas of rain, but it won’t pack a very big punch, but should at least provide a bit of a break into this sustained high pressure system that has been keeping us so dry,” he said.

The second weather system is expected late Sunday or early Monday and will be a little stronger Bartos says. After that, the longer-term forecast is for wetter weather.

“So there’s some hope on the horizon to actually start being more rainy, not necessarily playing catch-up because we’re quite far behind but we’ll have and opportunity to have weather we’re used to having here in Anchorage,” he said.

The monthly average for rain in August is more than 3 inches but so far the city has had only a tenth of an inch.

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