How Alaska schools, courts and police manage and confront gun violence

Snapshot from a recent study by the UC Davis Violence Prevention Research Program.

Americans with guns taking aim at other Americans is a very disturbing situation. In today’s Justice Alaska on Hometown Alaska, we speak with Alaska authorities about what tools they have to manage and confront the potential for gun violence.

Laws that specifically work to prevent gun violence have been called “red flag” laws. Red flag laws are typically state laws that authorize courts to issue a special type of protection order, allowing police to temporarily confiscate firearms from people deemed to be a danger to themselves or others. Often the request can come from relatives or friends concerned about a someone possessing guns and expressing suicidal thoughts or discussing shooting people. Authorities may also request an order.

Currently Alaska does not have a red flag law. House Bill 62 has been introduced and read once, and referred to judiciary and finance committees.

The goal of today’s program is to allow professionals who face the task of managing public safety to discuss the tools they have at hand. We also will aim to air different viewpoints on ‘red flag’ laws and public safety from gun violence.

You are welcome to join the conversation with your questions and comments.

HOSTS: Kathleen McCoy, Elaine Andrews


  • Suzanne Cole, magistrate judge located in Homer, Alaska Court System
  • Dr. Kersten Johnson-Struempler, senior director of secondary education, Anchorage School District
  • Diane Lemon, coordinator for school counselors, Anchorage School District


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