Boeing plane involved in two deadly crashes not currently operating in Alaska

Boeing’s new 737 Max 9, the model that Alaska Airlines plans to add to its fleet this summer. (Photo courtesy of Paul Weatherman/Boeing)

A plane crash Sunday in Ethiopia and a similar incident in Indonesia in October have focused international attention on a new Boeing aircraft.

In both cases, a recently-delivered 737 Max 8 aircraft crashed shortly after takeoff, killing all of the passengers on board.

Experts are continuing to investigate the cause of the crashes. Meanwhile, some countries and airlines have grounded 737 Max 8 aircraft.

The model is one of several versions of Boeing’s new single-aisle Max class planes. The size of the aircraft increases slightly from Max 7 to Max 10, according to Boeing’s website. All of the models have the same engine.

In the United States, the three airlines that fly 737 Max planes said they remained in operation Monday.

Southwest Airlines does not fly to Alaska, but United and American Airlines do. Both companies said they do not currently fly the Max 8 to Alaska.

Alaska Airlines does not currently operate any Max planes, but it plans to add several to its fleet this summer.

“We are staying close to our partners at Boeing and the FAA as the investigation continues,” Alaska Airline said in a statement. “We are committed to ensuring the safety of our guests and employees.”

According to Vice President Marilyn Romano, the company expects its first Max 9 delivery in June.

Boeing says the 737 Max is its fastest-selling plane in company history with nearly 4,700 orders worldwide.

The plane has been marketed for its fuel-efficiency and reliability.

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