Eyes Closed: When you are 10, and you have dreams

Saleh Soddy, age 10
Saleh Soddy, age 11, one of 19 young Anchorage residents featured in the Eyes Closed exhibit about young children and their dreams. Saleh was one of three of the 19 who joined us on Hometown Alaska to talk about life in Anchorage and their dreams. (Photo courtesy of Keys to Life)

‘Eyes Closed’ is an artistic and community-based exhibition that highlights the lives and dreams of 19 youngsters living in Anchorage. It is the brainchild of two Anchorage adults, Shirley Staten and Gabriela Olmos, and supported by Keys to Life, a local nonprofit that celebrates diversity in Anchorage.

The young man you see on this page will join us in the studio on Hometown Alaska. He, Saleh Soddy, age 11, and two young women (Lourdez Tuiolelago Isaako and Suyana Jaque) will tell us their stories. Were they born here or did they travel here from another place? What was that like? How do they find Anchorage? And most importantly, what are their dreams?

We’ll also hear from one of the creative team that developed this project, Shirley Staten. Gabriela Olmos, formerly of Mexico before moving to Anchorage, created a similar project in Mexico and brought the idea north.

Because this program was pre-recorded for airing October 22, we will not take questions from callers. You can still email us at hometown@alaskapublic.org, and we will work after the show to find answers to your questions or share your comments.

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HOSTKathleen McCoy


  • Lourdez Tuiolelago Isaako, age 10
  • Saleh Soddy, age 10
  • Suyana Jaque
  • Shirley Staten, executive director, Keys to Life, co-creator of ‘Eyes Closed’



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