Squeezing books into busy Alaska summers

Summer reading in Alaska is not about stretching out on a white sandy beach skimming  paperbacks. For us, it’s done on boat decks, docks, tents and mountain havens. So what would be more Alaskan? I searched under “cabin reading.” Who knew there’s a whole movement of building tiny cabins off the grid, just to read. For fun and to feed your imagination, here is one. It’s true. We probably do much of our summer reading in cabins across the state.

On Hometown Alaska this week, we are all about reading Alaska books, and books in general. “Tip of the Iceberg” author Mark Adams will join us from New York City with tales of following the 1899 Harriman Expedition route. Alaska writer Nancy Lord, former Alaska Writer Laureate (2008-2010) and author of  fiction, nonfiction, memoir and essays, will join us for this discussion. She wrote of the Harriman Expedition herself in “Green Alaska: Dreams from the Far Coast.”

We’ve also invited Nicole Stellon O’Donnell to join us by phone from Fairbanks. Her book, “Steam Laundry” is the 2017-18 offering for Alaska Reads a biennial statewide reading program featuring the work of a single Alaska author. She’ll tell us what the year has been like as she’s traveled the state and shared her book.

Both Alaska authors and our third guest, Loussac Alaska Collection librarian Douglas McAllister, will spin off book suggestions and reading ideas. And we’ll also share details on PBS’s current The Great American Read, inviting Americans to vote for the 100 best American novels.

We hope you’ll go away with a list you want to tackle.

Thanks for listening!


HOSTKathleen McCoy


  • Mark Adams, author of new book about Alaska “Tip of the Iceberg”
  • Nancy Lord, Alaska author of memoir, fiction, nonfiction and essays
  • Nicole Stellon O’Donnell, Alaska poet and author, Alaska Reads selection 2018
  • Douglas McAllister, Alaska Collection librarian, Loussac Library



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