Local startup: Getting the shoe to fit—on both feet



Expandable shoes
These shoes can expand as needed. (Photo courtesy Pandere Shoes)

Take a look at your feet. Chances are, you have the same size shoe on each foot. But for lots of people managing common medical challenges (like diabetes, arthritis, circulation issues, edema) the story isn’t that simple. Often they buy shoes several sizes too big, which causes other issues. Or they buy two pairs in different sizes….but should they have to?

Three Alaska entrepreneurs, all women, decided the answer was ‘Heck, no.’ They’ve launched Pandere Shoes and worked with designers around the world to develop a shoe that can expand as needed in the toe box, the ankle and mid-foot.

Meet Laura Oden, (health care business planner by day; singer-songwriter by night), Celia Crossett (health care planner by day, graduate student, competitive weight lifter by night), and Ayla Rogers (real estate agent and entrepreneur by day, investment strategist by night). We’ll also speak with their mentor, and an occupational therapist who works with lymphedema patients.

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HOSTKathleen McCoy


  • Laura Oden, local entrepreneur, 1 of 3 founders of Pandere Shoes
  • Celia Crossett, local entrepreneur, 2 of 3 founders of Pandere Shoes
  • Isaac Vanderburg, mentor, managing director, Launch Alaska
  • Rita Loew, occupational therapist, lymphedema rehab specialist


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