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Last December, we hosted public affairs representative Kirk Larson from the Social Security Administration to take your questions on all issues related to Social Security. It was a lively discussion, and we decided to invite him back to continue the information flow.

Here is how we introduced him then:

Sixty-six million Americans benefit from Social Security, either through retirement income or disability support. Will it be there for you when you need it?

Alaska has the fastest growing older population in the country, per capita. When should you retire? When can you? If you decide to retire early, how does that affect your Social Security retirement benefits? What are survivor benefits and how do they work? What tools are available for you to calculate your own retirement plan? Can you retire and begin receiving Social Security, and still work?

If you become disabled, how do you apply for Social Security disability? How much help can you anticipate getting? What if your application is denied? How do appeals work?

What about Social Security fraud? How can Americans be assured that this funding source is used by the people who paid in to it and who need it?

Kirk Larson has worked with the agency for more than 25 years. He is the Alaska/Washington representative. On the next Hometown Alaska, bring your questions on Social Security retirement or disability. 

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