A birthday, a send-off and a welcome on Hometown Alaska

So, big news! Alaska Public Media turns 40 years old this year, Bede Trantina retires, and Shelly Wozniak returns.

Bede started as a volunteer in 1979, and when on-air staff needed some vacation relief, she stepped in. She says from the very start she knew public radio was home. Many listeners have been cheered over the years by her optimistic “Yippee, it’s Friday” joust in the morning hours at the end of the work week. She became Operations Director in 1981, and took her current role of FM Program Director in 1989. Her hard work was rewarded with honors when she received the Alaska Broadcasters’ Employee of the Year award in 1991. And now, she is ready to relax and enjoy retirement.

Shelly takes on the FM Program Director role, as well as on-air promotions. This is a happy boomerang back for her. From 2003 to 2007, she hosted the national award-winning radio magazine AK, and produced the popular Talk of Alaska, as well as contributing to Alaska News Nightly. Since we last saw her hereabouts, she’s worked in theatre, as an operations manager and on-air personality in commercial radio, for NANA Regional Corporate as Senior Director of Corporate Communications and was PR Manager for NANA Development Corporation.

So join us! This week’s show is a bit of a look back at growth and change at APM—as witnessed by volunteer-turned-dedicated pro Bede Trantina, and a forecast of fun to come with the return of talented Shelly Wozniak.

If you’ve been listening through the years, tell us some of your memories as KSKA spread its wings and took off. And if you have thoughts about what you’d like to see and hear in the future, those are very welcome, too. Please join us!



HOSTS: Kathleen McCoy and Charles Wohlforth


  • Bede Trantina, outgoing FM program director
  • Shelly Wozniak, incoming FM program director


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