Former Bethel PO Andrew Reid sentenced; victim’s sister speaks up about lasting trauma

Former Bethel Police Officer Andrew Reid has been sentenced by a Bethel judge to the maximum penalty allowed for the two crimes he pled guilty to: one count of first degree assault, and one count of fourth degree official misconduct. Reid will spend a maximum of 120 days in detention. Reid’s sentence would have carried a maximum of 180 days in detention, but was reduced under the recently passed Senate Bill 91.

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Still image from Alaska Commercial Company security camera showing Andrew Reid assaulting Mr. Gregory.
Still image from Alaska Commercial Company security camera showing Andrew Reid assaulting Mr. Gregory.

Reid attended the hearing by teleconference. The victim, Wassillie Gregory, did not attend the hearing. His sister Agnes Gregory did, and publicly forgave Mr. Reid for his actions.

After the proceedings were over, she spoke about the irreversible effects of the incident on her brother.

“What my brother went through during that time, I can’t imagine how he felt, and the injuries he suffered, and how everything that happened on that day will affect him for the rest of his life,” Mrs. Gregory said.

Agnes said that Wassillie chose to drink rather than attend the sentencing.  After Reid responded to a 2014 call that Wassillie Gregory was intoxicated in public, he was caught on video repeatedly throwing Mr. Gregory to the ground and then pepper spraying him. This resulted in a dislocated shoulder that eventually Gregory needed surgery to correct.

Gregory sued earlier in civil court and accepted a $175,000 settlement. His sister says he used the money to fuel his drinking problem.

“My brother has struggled a lot with alcoholism. He has issues from childhood. I don’t think money is important,” Mrs. Gregory said.

When asked if the money hurt, Mrs. Gregory said, “It didn’t help him,” referring to her brothers addiction.

After Agnes said she forgave him, Reid was given a chance to make a statement.

“I hope the these proceedings do heal any wounds that there are for Mr. Gregory and his family, and the City of Bethel. I’m 4,000 miles away right now, but I wish I could give Agnes a big hug and shake Mr. Gregory’s hand. And I appreciate her forgiveness in this matter. I take full responsibility for my actions. I wish I could have served Mr. Gregory better that day, and the city as a whole. And I’m willing to accept whatever the court puts on me,” Reid said.

Reid’s attorney said he plans to apply for electronic monitoring, meaning that Reid would serve his sentence from home.

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