Choosing Alaska’s judges

Law-booksMuch like visiting the doctor, most of us don’t look a judge in the eye unless we have to. But also like medicine, justice is important. It’s a complex  system meant to keep civil society moving forward.  Just because it’s complicated doesn’t mean we can’t get a grip on it. Every citizen should.

Justice Alaska, a once-a-month special edition of Hometown Alaska, aims to give you a clearer understanding of how our courts, our laws and our system of justice works.

At bat first is Alaska’s process for selecting judges. We picked this topic specifically because replacing Judge Antonin Scalia is in full swing on the national stage, AND…Alaska is also replacing a state Supreme Court justice. Will our process look anything like what you read in the national press? Why or why not?

Find out when Kathleen McCoy and legal expert co-host Senior Judge Elaine Andrews share the mic with Susanne DiPietro, executive director for the Alaska Judicial Council.

We hope you’ll bring your questions, as well as your ideas for future topics on Justice Alaska, and join us Wednesday.




  • Susanne DiPietro, executive director, Alaska Judicial Council



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