Grounded boat spills fuel into Neva Strait

A 38-foot fishing vessel, the F/V Yankee, ran aground in the Northside of Neva Strait, last Tuesday night, Jan. 12, spilling 150 gallons of diesel fuel into the water.

The troller’s three passengers donned survival suits and made it ashore safely. They were then picked up by a Good Samaritan vessel, the Western Mariner.

The Coast Guard’s Marine Safety Detachment is mitigating – and investigating — the incident, supervisor Mike Wortman says.

The Coast Guard surrounded the vessel with sorbent boom to maintain the fuel. Wortman says there is “no active oil sheen.” The Coast Guard is working with contractors to remove remaining oil aboard the vessel.

The boat remains where it ran aground. He says it doesn’t pose a hazard to navigation.

The cause of the crash is being investigated.

The F/V Yankee in Neva Strait. (Photo by Richard Guhl)
The F/V Yankee in Neva Strait. (Photo by Richard Guhl)
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