“Honor Flag” Comes to Anchorage for 4th of July

Shortly after September 11th, 2001, Chris Heisler traveled from Texas to New York to hang an American flag where the World Trade Center once stood. That flag has since been dubbed the “honor flag,” and Heisler says it has traveled more than seven million miles to pay tribute to those that have died serving the United States.

Listen now:

“This flag represents everything that’s true and great about this nation and the emotions this flag brings out in people,” he says. “It’s amazing.”

This 4th of July weekend, Heisler brought the flag to Anchorage, and for the first time ever people will be allowed to handle it. “We have brand new custom gloves used to handle the U.S. honor flag and we’re going to allow the general public to take pictures with and handle the flag. This is a unique opportunity that has never been afforded to anyone in the nation.”

The flag will be part of the fourth of July parade, and will be on display at the Hilton Hotel Thursday night. In Anchorage, I’m Joaquin Palomino.

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